What Terminal is Allegiant at LAX Airport?

Allegiant Airlines operates out of Terminal 1, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in California, United States. Allegiant Terminal 1 LAX Airport was established in 1984. Further, in 2018, renovations were made to terminal sections, baggage handling systems, and the areas for security screening. This terminal was expanded again in 2021. Through this expansion, the goal to utilize the area between T1 and T2 was set to achieve. With all these significant upgrades in place, flyers of Allegiant can easily visit several destinations via the Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 1. 

What are the Allegiant Terminals at LAX for Departures and Arrivals?

Domestic passengers of Allegiant Airlines can depart for their flights from Terminal 1 of Los Angeles International Airport. For international flight departures, the LAX Allegiant Terminal 1 comes into use. Level 3 is utilized for these operations. Prior to leaving, check-in procedures can be completed at Level 2, outside the security area of T1. 

Passengers are moved to Terminal B once the security is cleared at Terminal 1 LAX Airport. They are bused to Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) from the remote check-in area featured at T1.

For flight arrivals of Allegiant Airlines, Terminal 1 of Los Angeles International or LAX Airport is used. International passengers as well arrive at the same airport terminal. After arriving here, baggage claim facilities can be availed at Level 1. 

General Information on Allegiant Air LAX Terminal

The following is an overview of Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 1 that is used by Allegiant Airlines: 

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport IATA CodeLAX
LAX Airport Address1 World Way,Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Allegiant Airlines LAX TerminalTerminal 1
Allegiant LAX Airport Contact Number(702)-505-8888
Functional Hours24 hours

What is the Allegiant LAX Terminal 1 Map?

Should flyers need to be aware of the layout of Terminal 1, they can access a map. The LAX Allegiant Terminal 1 map is a tool for navigating several gates designated for arrivals/departures. Flyers can prefer this tool to reach check-in and baggage counters. Additionally, knowing the location of different facilities and baggage carousels becomes effortless with the map. 

What are the Services Provided at Allegiant Airlines LAX Terminal 1?

Charging stations are featured by Allegiant LAX Terminal 1. Usually, they are located at Level 3, near Gates 12B, 13, 15, and 9. Levels 3 and 2 comprise more facilities for passengers and their companions.

Facilities Location 
Water fountain Near Gate 11A at Level 3
Pet relief areas Level 3, near Gate 13 Level 1, close to the Baggage Claim area
Water refill stationNear Gate 11A, Level 3
Smoking areaAt Level 2, near Curbside 


At Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 1 is utilized by Allegiant. Fliers can conveniently complete pre/post-trip procedures here like check-in, baggage deposit, etc. To navigate these counters on time, the Allegiant Airlines LAX Terminal 1 map is provided at the airport’s site. With additional facilities, commendable journeys are assured. 

FAQs – Allegiant Air LAX Terminal

What terminal is Allegiant at LAX?

Terminal 1 of Los Angeles International Airport is utilized by Allegiant Air.

How many levels does Allegiant Terminal LAX Airport have?

3 levels are available at Terminal 1 of LAX Airport.

What is the Allegiant LAX Terminal for departure?

For flight departures, Terminal 1 is used by this airline at Los Angeles International Airport.

Is LAX Allegiant Air Terminal 1 or B?

The airline mainly uses Terminal 1. Passengers are moved to Terminal B after security.

Is Parking available at Allegiant Air Terminal in LAX Airport?

Yes, Central Terminal Area Parking is available at Terminal 1.

What is the Allegiant Terminal LAX for arrivals?

Terminal 1, LAX Airport is utilized for flight arrivals of this airline. 

What terminal at LAX is Allegiant Air for check-in?

For flight check-in, Level 2 at Terminal 1 is used by this air carrier.

How much is the Allegiant Air Terminal LAX parking fee?

Up to USD 70 is charged for parking vehicles at Terminal 1 of LAX Airport.

Does Allegiant Terminal at LAX have Lost and Found?

Currently, Terminal 1 does not feature a lost and found office for Allegiant’s passengers.

What terminal does Allegiant use at LAX for baggage claim?

After arriving, Terminal 1 of Los Angeles International Airport is utilized for baggage claim.

What are the restaurants at LAX Airport Allegiant Air Terminal 1?

Betcha Burger, Panda Express, etc., are certain restaurants available at Terminal 1.

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