Avianca John F Kennedy International Airport Terminal (JFK)

Queens, NY 11430, United States

Note: This not airlines official number +1-877-694-1012. It may connect you with travel agency.

24 hours

+1 718-244-4444

Terminal 4


Numerous domestic and international routes are served by JFK or John F. Kennedy Airport. For this reason, in the United States, it is known as one of the busiest airports. When it comes to safety as well, it is the best airport for traveling. It also gives a simple entry point into North America. JFK’s terminals are used by many air carriers. Avianca Airlines is one of them. It uses Terminal 4 of this airport. For sustaining passenger flow, Avianca Terminal JFK Airport proves to be suitable. Its structure comprises 48 gates. 2 concourses are a part of this structure. The availability of space is another added benefit that makes it suitable for the operations of this airline.

Terminal 4 of JFK Airport is efficient in managing several departures and arrivals of Avianca. It is run by JFKIAT LLC. Further, the building is around 1.5 million square feet in size. Here, there are two concourses with coverage of forty-eight gates. Along with these, a large check-in hall and a mezzanine AirTrain station space have been included. A four-block-long retail space has been created too. Over the years, JFK Airport Avianca Terminal 4 has had several expansions. Different screening points and gates have been developed. With these facilities and expansions, both the air carrier and its passengers receive multiple benefits. 

Which/What Terminal is Avianca at JFK Airport?

From JFK Airport, Avianca Airlines operates a number of its services. Mostly, Terminal 4 is utilized for the same. Also, it is the sole terminal with an enclosed taxi queue. This makes the taxi stand more effective and improves customer satisfaction. Various charging stations are available here. In addition to these, it is the initial terminal with a jet bridge connecting a lounge. With all these facilities, millions of flyers travel annually. While traveling or prior to doing so, they can choose from a number of available facilities at the terminal.

Avianca JFK Terminal Information

This air operator, Avianca Airlines, uses Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. Avianca JFK Terminal 4 has a lot of amenities. Baggage storage can be relevant in this context. Additionally, the Porter facility is accessible. Other amenities are available, including lounge access, meet and greet services, etc. Individuals who need special help can get aid as required. 

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy  International Airport
IATA Airport CodeJFK
Airport Website
Avianca John F. Kennedy Airport AddressQueens, NY 11430, United States
Avianca JFK TerminalTerminal 4
Airport Contact No.+1 718-244-4444
CityNew York
CountryUnited States
Working Hours24 hours
Official Webpage

Avianca Arrival/Departure Terminal (JFK)

At JFK Airport, Terminal 4 is approached for handling Avianca Airlines’ planes for departure. Flight arrivals can be facilitated by using this terminal too. The airline occasionally has access to the other terminals of the airport for the same purposes. 

Avianca Headquarters and Contact Information

The corporate office of Avianca Airlines is located in Bogota, Colombia. Any necessary assistance with regard to the services given can be anticipated here. This body often operates around the clock. People can use its contact details to head here. The efficient operation of this office guarantees that JFK Airport and the air carrier run without any interruptions. 

AddressAv Calle 26 No 59-15 Piso 6, Bogotá, Colombia
Phone Number+41 848 700 700

Avianca Baggage Allowances and Services

One of the most important things that every traveler should be well-versed with before and after the trip is baggage. The JFK Avianca Terminal 4 gives information about the allotment, as well as several applicable policies, for bags. Any other accessible facility related to the same can be provided here. 

Baggage TypeSize Quantity
Checked baggage62 inches”((L + W + H combined)1 bags | 50 pounds (23 kg)

The John F. Kennedy Avianca Terminal handles the following requests:

JFK or John F. Kennedy Airport operates most of the time. Here, passengers’ queries can be addressed with ease. They are mostly connected to the kind of travel, flight status, reservations, and airport facilities. With the least amount of “on hold” time, passengers of Avianca Airlines can acquire answers to their queries. 

Meet & Greet ProceduresVisa or Flight InformationEntertainment Onboard
OKTB/Ok-to-BoardCanceling FlightsFacilities for Miles
Applying for VisasTransfers at the AirportLounge Facilities
Business ClassReserving TicketsFood Onboard
Economy ClassWi-Fi Services at AirportsMeet & Greet Procedures
Services at the AirportFlight DelaysMissed Baggage Services
Arrival VisaFacilities for ImmigrationBaggage Services
Check-in ProceduresWi-Fi in FlightsParking Provisions

Amenities Provided at Avianca John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal (JFK)

Most flyers can expect a stress-free trip with Avianca Airlines. This is because it is one of the top air operators in terms of the services given. The flyers can have the freedom to make reservations at any time prior to the decided schedule. Multiple check-in procedures are also accessible. For quick screening as well, there is a program named TSA PreCheck. All of these facilities can be easily booked at the JFK Airport Avianca Terminal 4.  

TSA PreCheck

For its customers to fly hassle-free, Avianca runs a screening program. The advantages of the same are available at John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4. This program makes check-in simple and flexible for travelers. To take advantage of this program, they should register in advance. 


The reward program is available at this airline. It is known as LifeMiles. This program is intended to reward devoted customers in travel, retail, and in other things. Members of the same can accrue miles whenever they travel with this air carrier. At the Avianca Airlines JFK Terminal 4, one can receive more information on when and how to enroll in this program. 

Check-in Amenity

With Avianca Airlines, the procedure for checking in must be done correctly to have a seamless journey. Therefore, the identity document required for the procedure can be well understood in advance. Along with this, the operating hours and available options for the same can be known. This information can be easily availed from JFK/John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4. 

Reserving and Managing Flights

Flyers can buy plane tickets at a designated counter at Avianca JFK Terminal 4. They can use the window to learn more about the various classes, as well as deals, that are given. Additionally, they have the option to level up their class. Further, modifying their desired time, location, and date can be permitted. Services for canceling and rebooking are available too. 

Checking Flight Status

This air carrier updates passengers on the schedule of their flights at JFK Airport. This is crucial to prevent them from suffering needless difficulty. The same status is immediately updated as it changes. As a result, information can be easily shared with customers. Further, they can choose the best move when the flight status has been changed.

Facilities Available on Board

Avianca Airlines gives travelers the most superior facilities once they board their planes. There are power connectors for charging mobile devices. Wi-Fi facilities are provided too. Personal TVs featuring music, movies, several programs, etc., on certain aircraft, are available. Visitors can download different entertainment applications and other things too. 

Map of Avianca John F. Kennedy International Airport

In order to prevent any complications when boarding, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the layout of the airport terminal. Therefore, one can use the Avianca Airlines Terminal JFK map. It provides a thorough overview of the entrance as well as exit points. Also, different gates, parking areas, and specific counters can be known through this map. 

Avianca JFK Airport Terminal Passenger Traffic

In particular, John F. Kennedy or JFK Airport Terminal 4 is occasionally congested. Both domestic and international flights are frequent, resulting in a lot of movement. This leads to multiple operations at this airport. It is also vital to remember that Avianca Airlines can better manage passenger traffic. This is due to the numerous gates, as well as other facilities, present here. 

All Things Considered,

The Avianca Terminal in JFK Airport provides a variety of national and foreign flights to customers. To them, a comfortable and easy travel experience can be given. Whether it is from planning a journey to ending a trip, it gives a variety of services to meet the needs of various travelers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Flyers of Avianca Airlines may experience some doubts related to JFK Airport and its facilities. Therefore, it is important to refer to the frequently asked questions. By doing so, many of their doubts can be simply resolved. 

What terminal is Avianca at JFK Airport?

At John F. Kennedy International Airport or JFK, Avianca Airlines utilizes Terminal 4. At this complex, it manages the arrival and departure procedures. These procedures are managed for domestic as well as international flights.

What terminal is Avianca in JFK for departure?

At Terminal 4 of this airport, several departures can be seen. 

Can I check in for a flight at JFK Terminal Avianca? 

Flyers can easily make the check-in procedure at Terminal 4. 

What zone is Avianca in JFK Airport?

At John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4, travelers can easily find out their Avianca Airlines boarding zones. It is possible by receiving the boarding pass to find the zone or group. Otherwise, get in touch with this airline’s agent at the ticketing counter to inquire about the zone.

Who operates Terminal 4 at JFK Airport?

JFKIAT (IAT) LLC is in charge of operating John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4. It is a division of the Schiphol Group. This subsidiary was the first airport body in the US to be run by a foreign airport company.

Can I check in at the airport with Avianca Airlines?

Yes, at Level 4 of Terminal 4, John F. Kennedy International Airport, passengers can check in for their Avianca flights. For the same, one is required to provide the last name and booking code. Further, the airline’s officials will proceed with check-in and print the boarding pass.

Is Avianca a low-cost airline?

Avianca Airlines offers both low-cost and cost-effective flight fares. However, it provides affordable flights to multiple locations. For the same, it provides a low-fare calendar on its website. This enables passengers to find the cheapest tickets with flexible travel itineraries.

Is Avianca a good airline?

Yes, Avianca is one of the airlines that are good to fly with. This is because of its budget-friendly fares, inexpensive in-flight services, and safety features. Moreover, for pet travel as well, this carrier is good.

How safe is Avianca?

Nearly all of the safety guidelines issued by aviation industry authorities like ICAO are adhered to by Avianca Airlines. Hence, it is extremely safe to fly with. By following these guidelines, this carrier has prevented major mishaps, making it a secure choice for air travel.

What airline owns Avianca?

Avianca Group International Limited owns this air carrier. It is reputed as the parent company of Avianca Airlines. Formerly, this company was called Avianca Holdings S.A. and AviancaTaca Holding Inc.

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