What is Nearest Airport to Bellevue Washington? Close by Airport

Bellevue is the third-biggest city in the Seattle metropolitan area, the United States. Being a major center of technology and business, it is visited by people from diverse locations, whether locally or internationally. Hence, the city is connected to numerous international and domestic airports. The nearest airport to Bellevue, Washington, is LKE. Identified better as Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base, it is 9.0 miles away from the city. Located in Lake Union, WA, this airport offers seasonal and international flights to visit Bellevue. Along with this, many other major airports can be located nearby. These include King County International Airport (BFI) and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). These are conveniently accessible via different modes of transport to reach the destination city.

Which is the Nearest Airport to Bellevue Washington?

The nearest airport to Bellevue, Washington is Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base (LKE). It is also known as Seattle Lake Union Seaplane Base. The general distance between LKE and this city is 9.0 miles or 14.48 kilometers. This is a seaplane base. Additionally, it functions as an international airport.

Seasonally, from destinations such as Saturna Island, Eastsound-Camp Orkila, and Maple Bay, flights to Bellevue can be reserved. The major airlines operating from LKE are Harbour Air and Kenmore Air. 

Which are the Closest International Airports to Bellevue, Washington?

Close to Bellevue, the city of Washington, there are several international airports. Among these, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (YWH), and others can be preferred to visit this city. These airfields are located within 17 to 139 Miles. They are based in cities like Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

Fliers can reserve tickets from international locations to these airports to reach Bellevue:

DistanceAirport CodeAirport NameCity
17 MilesSEA/KSEASeattle-Tacoma International AirportSeaTac, WA
113 MilesYWH/CYWHVictoria Inner Harbour AirportVictoria, Canada
113 MilesRCE/W39Roche Harbor Seaplane BaseSan Juan County, WA
139 MilesYVR/CYVRVancouver International AirportRichmond, British Columbia, Canada

How to Get to the Closest International Airports to Bellevue in Washington?

There are several affordable transportation options available to reach Bellevue from the closest international airports. One preferred way is by driving a car to the city from the airport. Numerous shuttle, ferry, rideshare services, and trains are also available.

Airport Close to BellevueTransportation Available
Seattle-Tacoma International AirportCar, bus (line 560 bus), or tram (line 271 bus)
Victoria Inner Harbour AirportCar, ferry, or bus service
Roche Harbor Seaplane BaseBus, rideshare, train, or ferry 
Vancouver International AirportBy taking a train to Seattle and then taking a bus to Bellevue 

Which is the Closest Domestic Airport to Bellevue, Washington?

Various domestic airports are located near Bellevue, WA, within 11 to 44 Miles. One of them is RNT or Renton Municipal Airport which is closest to the city. While it is only 11 miles away, this airport does not offer commercial flights. It is primarily used for general aviation like private and corporate flights. 

Additionally, there are other local airports closest to Bellevue, WA, located within 44 miles.

DistanceAirport CodeAirport NameCity
14 MilesBFI/KBFIKing County International AirportSeattle, WA
15 MilesKEHKenmore Air HarborKenmore, WA
23 MilesPAE/KPAESnohomish County AirportSnohomish County, WA
44 MilesTIW/KTIWTacoma Narrows AirportGig Harbor, WA
44 MilesKAWOArlington Municipal AirportArlington, WA

How to Reach the Nearest Domestic Airport to Bellevue, Washington?

Different options, like car rental and public transportation, can be opted for to head to the nearest domestic airports in Bellevue in Washington state. Rideshares or taxis are available, providing a convenient and flexible option. Alternatively, one can opt for car rental facilities for a more independent mode of transportation.

Airport Transportation Available 
Renton Municipal AirportBus or taxi 
King County International AirportRideshare, airport shuttle, or taxi 
Kenmore Air HarborBus, shuttle, or private car services 
Snohomish County AirportTaxi, rideshare, and bus services 
Tacoma Narrows AirportCar rental, shuttle, and bus 
Arlington Municipal AirportTaxi and bus 

Map of the Nearest Airport to Bellevue, Washington

The following is an interactive map of Bellevue, WA, depicting major international and domestic airports near the city. This visual guide highlights the nearest airport, based on the current location of a traveler. The map can be used to plan better journeys when the city has to be reached within a short duration.

What are Things to Do Near the Closest Airports to Bellevue, WA?

Travelers can engage in plenty of activities near the airports in close proximity to Bellevue, Washington. There are numerous things to do for kids, families, youngsters, and elders as well. They can enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountainous areas. Several entertainment options are also available for them. Moreover, one can take part in various events hosted around the airports.

Airport Things to Explore Nearby
Renton Municipal Airport Visiting Cedar River Trail and Coulon Park
King County International Airport Explore the Museum of Flights
Arlington Municipal AirportEnjoying sports events at AT&T Stadium
Kenmore Air HarborA seaplane tour to the Cascade Mountains 
Snohomish County AirportChihuly Garden and Glass for families
Tacoma Narrows AirportPoint Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for kids
Seattle-Tacoma International AirportA tour of Cheryl’s Northwest
Victoria Inner Harbour AirportVisiting Thunderbird Park

Final Thoughts

There is a fine network of international and domestic airports close to Bellevue, Washington. Among these, Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base is the nearest one. Travelers can use various modes of transportation to reach Bellevue from this or even other airports. Various activities around these airports can be explored too.


What is the nearest airport to Bellevue, Washington?

Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base (LKE) is the nearest airport to Bellevue, WA.

How to reach the nearest airport to Bellevue, WA?

To reach LKE, the nearest airport to Bellevue, Line 342 Bus is usually available

Which domestic airport is closest to Bellevue in Washington state?

King County International Airport (BFI) is the nearest domestic airport to this city.

Which international airport is close to Bellevue?

The closest international airport to the city in WA is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport accessible close to Bellevue?

Yes, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is close to the city, being 17 miles away.

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