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Terminal B


Spirit Airlines uses Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) for some of its flight operations in the United States. Here, mainly, it approaches Terminal B for these operations. In 1974, Spirit Terminal B of Logan Airport was constructed by Desmond & Lord, Inc., as well as John Carl Warnecke & Associates. The air carrier manages domestic flights at this complex. Also, for international connecting flights, this huge structure is utilized. It includes facilities to regulate both arrivals and departures. Alongside, this terminal offers facilities such as dining and shopping centers to explore while waiting for flights to take off or after they land. 

What Terminal is Spirit at Logan Airport?

For Spirit Airlines flight operations, Terminal B of BOS or General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport comes into use. Here, post-arrival and pre-departure procedures are managed. Check-in, security screening, baggage, and customs/immigration are some of these procedures. 

  • Logan Airport Spirit Arrival Terminal: Spirit Airlines domestic flight arrivals are managed at Terminal B of BOS Airport. International transit flights also land here. This complex is used as per the schedule. In case the Logan Airport Spirit Arrival Terminal is changed, a flyer is informed by the authorities. 
  • Logan Airport Spirit Terminal for Departures: For domestic flight departures, BOS Airport Terminal B is utilized. At times, international transit flights also depart from this building. However, sometimes, the carrier may use another terminal for the take-off of international flights. Accordingly, it informs the travelers via phone/email or at the airport.

Overview of Logan Airport Spirit Terminal

Spirit Airlines conducts some of its flight operations out of Boston Logan International Airport Terminal B. An overview of this building is suggested for a basic understanding.

Airport NameBoston Logan International Airport OrGeneral Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport
Airport Code BOS
Logan Airport Spirit TerminalTerminal B 
BOS Airport AddressGeneral Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA 02128, United States
Spirit Airlines ICAO Code NKS
Spirit Airlines IATA Code NK
Contact Number (801)-401-2222
Functional Hours (Ticketing)24 hours
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOwgmAwcw8r8xs34RiIuJg
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpiritAirlines/
Twitter https://twitter.com/spiritairlines
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spiritairlines/
Spirit Airlines Official Website https://www.spirit.com/

Where does Spirit Airlines Fly From Boston Logan Airport Terminal?

Through Terminal B of BOS Airport, Spirit Airlines offers travel services to domestic locations. Certain international locations are served as well, usually through transit flights. From this complex, flyers can schedule both short and long-haul trips

The locations served via Logan Spirit Terminal B are as follows: 

International Destinations Domestic Locations 
Cancun Fort Lauderdale 
Punta CanaLas Vegas 
Armenia Miami 
Cali San Juan 
San Jose Orlando 

What Facilities are Available at Logan Spirit Terminal? 

A flyer traveling on short or long-haul flights can find facilities such as travel for children, airport transfer services, valet parking, etc.,  at Terminal B Spirit Airlines Boston Logan Airport. Even for those who have connecting flights,  these facilities are accessible. 

  1. Travel for Children
    Spirit offers unaccompanied minor services for those who are aged 5 to 14 years. They are allowed to travel to domestic locations via BOS Airport Terminal B. 
  2. Duty-Free Allowance
    For details on duty-free allowances, travelers can visit Boston Logan Airport Terminal B Spirit Airlines. The officials can provide information on the weight and number of approved duty-free items. They can further offer details on the items/goods that are deemed duty-free. 
  3. Airport Transfer Services
    A traveler can use the free shuttle facilities to go to Terminal B from other parts of BOS Airport. The blue shuttle buses are located on the lower level of this complex. It provides a ride every 5-6 minutes.  
  4. Lost Luggage
    At Spirit Airlines Logan Terminal B, there is no specific lost and found office for flyers. For their lost items, they can claim them online via the airport’s website. Here, it is important to add all the required information. Further, they can receive a confirmed email informing them of the claim’s progress. 
  5. In-Flight Meals 
    This airline provides a selection of food and beverages on board for purchase. For purchases, it accepts debit or credit cards. For menu selection, one can visit the airline’s official website or get help at Terminal B.
  6. Animal Relief Areas 
    Pet/animal relief areas are available at Terminal B, BOS Airport. They are located at the arrival level of this complex. 
  7. Free Spirit 
    A frequent flyer program named Free Spirit can be used by travelers. With this program, for every dollar spent, members can earn up to 12 points. Gold members can earn up to 20 points. These points can be redeemed at Terminal B to book the next reward flight more quickly than before. 
  8. Desks for Boarding Class Enquiries
    A flier can come to Spirit Airlines Terminal B at Logan Airport to inquire regarding their allocated boarding zone or class. Here, they can approach the help desks for such information.

How to Book Spirit Airlines Flights at Boston Logan Airport Terminal? 

To book a Spirit Airlines flight, a flyer can visit the ticket counter available at Terminal B of Boston Logan Airport. Here, he or she should meet the representatives of this air carrier and choose the intended location, date, and time. Once selected, share the required details and pay for the ticket.

Apart from visiting the ticket counter at Spirit Airlines Terminal B Logan Airport, a traveler can make a call for a flight booking. 

Can You Manage Spirit Flights at Boston Logan Airport Terminal? 

At General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport Terminal B, a flyer can manage his/her flight by changing or canceling it. For both procedures, specific policies are important to abide by. Also, the management of bookings is subject to their terms.

  1. Change Flight
    A flyer can change the intended date, time, and location or upgrade the class in a reservation at Spirit Airlines Terminal B of Boston Logan Airport. For the same, certain information, such as last name and confirmation code is required. 
  2. Flight Cancellation 
    To cancel flights, flyers can come to Terminal B of BOS. At this complex, a specific counter can be visited. Request cancellation and give the information including the confirmation code and complete name. Later, pay the cancellation charges in case applicable.  

What is Baggage Allowance at Spirit Logan Airport Terminal? 

While traveling via Logan Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal B, a flyer can carry different luggage types. They are inclusive of personal items, checked, and carry-on baggage. For these, the allowances vary. 

  • Luggage weighing up to 100 pounds/45 kgs and 80 linear inches is accepted. 
  • For carry-on luggage, the maximum dimensions should be 22 inches (H) * 18 inches (W) * 10 inches (L). 
  • Checked luggage is limited to 40 pounds or 18.1 kg in weight. 
  • Further, the size should be 62 linear inches or 158 cm in length, breadth, and height. 
  • Any bag that is larger than these specifications is deemed oversized/overweight. 
  • For the same, the bags are subject to additional fees. 

Where to Track Spirit Airlines Flights at Logan Terminal? 

At Spirit Boston Logan Terminal B, travelers can track the status of their flights. This includes the arrival and departure times of both domestic/international connecting flights. Also, when delays occur, the officials provide information regarding the same at the terminal. 

Note: The flight status can also be tracked online via the website of BOS Airport. 

Can You Book Spirit Airlines In-Flight Wi-Fi at Terminal Logan Airport?

While reserving flights at Spirit Terminal B of Boston Logan Airport, fliers can book Wi-Fi facilities. They can receive quick Wi-Fi services on flights to stay connected, access social media, play online games, and stream TV series/movies. For using the in-flight internet, the air carrier charges a minimum of USD 3.99 for each flight. 

How to Check-in for Spirit Airlines Flights at Logan Airport Terminal? 

At Boston Logan Spirit Terminal B, a traveler can check in for her/his flight. Usually, at Level 2, the counters for the service are found. Here, provide the necessary information, such as the complete name and confirmation code to the airline’s officials. Then the officials will go ahead with the procedure and print the boarding pass on behalf of flyers. 

Note: Also, travelers have the option to check in for their flights online using the website of Spirit.

Can Spirit Allow Pet Travel via Boston Logan Terminal? 

Spirit Airlines allows pet travel via BOS Airport Terminal B to all domestic flights in the guest cabin. The animal must always stay within the carrier/cage and have the ability to stand and turn around inside. The pet and carrier combined cannot weigh more than 40 pounds or 18.14 kg. Further, the overall dimensions of the container should be up to 44.72cm * 35.56cm * 22.86cm. 

While traveling with pets, other terms should be considered as well: 

  • For pets, only soft-sided containers are permitted. 
  • Domestic cats and dogs are allowed to travel via Spirit Terminal B at Logan Airport. 
  • Small household birds and domestic rabbits are allowed except to or from the U.S.V.I and Puerto Rico. 
  • Except in the case of service animals, this airline does not allow pets on its international flights. 

Is Special Assistance Available at Spirit Airlines Terminal Boston Logan Airport? 

Flyers can request wheelchairs, portable oxygen concentrators, and assistive devices as special assistance at Logan Airport Spirit Terminal B. A flyer with blind/low vision and deaf/hard of hearing can also request help. Further, travelers with specific allergies can ask for assistance at this complex. 

What are the Parking Services at Logan Airport Spirit Airlines Terminal? 

Visitors or flyers traveling via Logan Spirit Terminal B can use the Central Parking Garage and Terminal B Parking Garage spaces to halt their vehicles. Both long and short-term parking options are available at these lots. 

  • The maximum vehicle height clearance at the Central Parking Garage is 9 feet and 6 inches. 
  • At Terminal B Parking Garage, the maximum limit height of a vehicle is 6 feet and 6 inches. 
  • Either phone 617-561-1673 or utilize any of the call boxes found in the lift lobby areas to connect with the representatives. 
  • At these parking areas, 24/7 attendants are available to assist. 
  • Free help is provided for jump-starts, lockouts, lost car searches, and deflated tyres. 

Below are the charges applicable to park vehicles at Terminal B:

Duration of Parking Costs (in USD) 
0-1 hour 9
1 to 2 hours 23
2 to 3 hours 28
3 to 4 hours 32
4 to 7 hours 36
7 hours to 1 day 41
1 day to 0-6 hours 62
1 day to 0-24 hours 82
Every extra day 41
Extra day and 0 to 6 hours 21
Lost parking ticket cost Applicable parking fee and USD 5

What Lounges are Available at Spirit Airlines BOS Airport Terminal? 

For Spirit Airlines flyers, a specific lounge is not available at Terminal B of BOS Airport. However, at this complex, Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club is accessible. It is located at the departure level. To visit here, a flyer can connect with the officials and receive information on the lounge timings, fees, as well as accessibility. 


Terminal B of BOS Airport manages flight departure operations of Spirit Airlines. For flight arrival operations as well, the complex is useful. Additionally, a variety of onboard and airport amenities can be reserved to facilitate travel and enhance comfort. Moreover, those with specific needs can be assisted here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Spirit at Boston Logan International Airport?

Terminal B is used by this airline at BOS Airport.

Where is Spirit Airlines Terminal in BOS?

Spirit Terminal is located at Boston Logan International Airport, BOS, Boston.

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