What Terminal is Spirit at EWR Airport?

For Spirit Airlines flight operations in Newark, New Jersey, U.S., Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is allocated. The Port Authority solely runs this terminal as a passenger facility. In order to improve flyers’ comfort, EWR Spirit Terminal B was made to undergo renovations in 2008. During this period, a modern ticketing area, a new arrival hall, and a departure level were constructed. In 2014 as well, TB underwent improvement as the Port Authority installed new LED lighting. With an improved layout, passengers can comfortably arrive or depart from TB. 

What are the Spirit Airlines Newark Terminals for Arrivals and Departures?

For domestic flight departures, Spirit Airlines EWR Terminal B is used. TB is also allocated to international flight departures. For the same, the Departure Level can be used. Before departing for Spirit flights, passengers can check in at Level 2 of TB. Along with this, there is another counter available for flight check-in at Level 3. 

Spirit utilizes Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport for its domestic flight arrivals. Here, travelers can head to Level 1 for their baggage claim after arriving. For international flight landings, TB is assigned to this airline. For the same, Level 2 comes into use. 

Basic Details on Spirit Airlines EWR Terminal

To receive general details on Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal that is assigned to Spirit Airlines, travelers can utilize the below-given specifics: 

Airport NameNewark Liberty International Airport
Airport IATA CodeEWR
EWR Airport Address3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, USA
Spirit EWR TerminalTerminal B
Spirit EWR Airport Contact Number(678) 973-2402
Operational Hours24 hours

What are the Levels at Spirit Airlines Newark Terminal B?

At Spirit Airlines Newark Terminal B, 4 levels are present. Level 1 features domestic baggage claim areas. For international arrivals and flight check-in, passengers can head to Level 2. At the Departure Level, several gates are based. Level 3 houses facilities, including flight check-in and ticketing counters. Besides these, the AirTrain platform is available at TB. 

What is the Map of the Spirit Terminal B Newark Airport?

Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal B map is a useful tool that travelers can use to find departure and arrival locations. It shows the levels present at this terminal. Along with these, the available facilities on these levels are indicated via the map. The map is available on the official website and at the airport too. 

EWR Spirit Terminal B MAP

Where is the Lost and Found Facility at the Spirit EWR Terminal?

A specific lost and found department is not found at Spirit Terminal B Newark Airport. However, using this airport’s website, flyers can access the lost and found facility. Here, it is important to complete 4 steps to file a report. By doing so, the official team of the airport makes an effort to find the lost items soon. 

Furthermore, when belongings are lost or missed on aircraft or at gates, Spirit Airlines should be contacted. On the website of this air carrier, it is possible to do so. Moreover, the search will carry on for a maximum of 30 days, following the reporting. Flyers can get mail from this air carrier regarding the tracking of the lost item.

What Restaurants does Spirit Airlines Terminal B Newark Airport have?

Spirit Air Newark Terminal B houses restaurants for passengers at the Departure Level, L1, and L2. They can visit one of the famous outlets named Jersey Reserve Coffee. It is located near arrivals, outside the security area at Level 2. The functional hours to visit this restaurant are from 06:30 A.M. to 06:30 P.M., Monday to Sunday. It is famous for providing bakery items and coffee. 

Restaurants Location 
StarbucksNear Gate B40, Departure Level 
Zaro’s Family Bakery Departure Level 
Smash burgerDeparture Level 
Dunkin’Levels 1 and 2

Top Destinations Covered at Spirit Terminal EWR Airport

Spirit Airlines provides a wide network connectivity out of Terminal B, EWR Airport. Both domestic and international flights are included in its network. Some domestic locations served by this airport are Orlando, Miami, and Los Angeles. San Juan, Medellin, and Guayaquil are certain international places that travelers can fly to from TB. 

The table listed below describes more locations served via Spirit Airlines Terminal B Newark Airport: 

International Domestic 
Santo Domingo Las Vegas 
Cap Haitien Dallas
San Pedro SulaPhoenix 
Punta Cana Nashville
Cali Austin 

Does the Spirit Newark Terminal B have Parking Services?

For Spirit Airlines travelers, parking services are available at Terminal B of EWR Airport. Here, the Short Term Parking B & C service is available. The minimum duration is within or around 30 minutes. 1 day is the maximum limit to park vehicles at TB.  

Parking DurationPrice Charged (in USD)
More than 30 minutes to 1 hour10.50
Every extra 30 minutes, or a portion thereof 5.25
Every extra 30 minutes, or fraction of a time (Staying more than 3 hours)10.50
24 hours or 1 day (maximum)70.0044.00 (Pre-book Rate)

Travelers using Spirit Airlines Terminal B in Newark Airport are advised to be dropped off or picked up inside Short Term Parking B lots in less than 30 minutes. This is because of the road work affecting the terminal. These vehicles are usually not charged a fee, given that flyers leave within thirty minutes. 

What are the Amenities Provided at the Spirit Airlines Terminal EWR Airport?

To make use of facilities at EWR Airport, travelers of Spirit Airlines can head to Terminal B. Here, various Charging Stations are available. Mostly, they are present near baggage claim areas at Level 1. Also, they are functional the entire day. 

Other facilities at Spirit Terminal B in Newark Airport are mentioned below: 

Amenities Location 
Welcome Centre Levels 1 and 2
Hand sanitizer machinesAt all levels
Family restrooms and adult changing tablesOutside the security area at Level 1
Currency exchange At Level 2, near check-in, outside the security area
Nursery Levels 3 and 2 

Where is the Spirit Lounge at EWR Airport on Terminal B? 

Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport features the USO Lounge. In this lounge, military members and their families can come to unwind. It is located near check-in, outside the security area at Level 2. 

  • The operational hours of this lounge are from 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 
  • It is open from Monday to Sunday. 
  • To connect to the USO Lounge, dial +1-(207)-583-5985. 

Certain facilities available in the USO Lounge at Spirit Terminal B Newark Airport are: 

  • Passengers can access snacks and beverages. 
  • For children, play areas are available. 
  • Charging stations can be found. 
  • Facilities for Wi-Fi can be used. 
  • For assistance as well, the officials are present during the operational hours. 

Can Flyers Transfer between EWR Airport Terminals? 

Using AirTrain, flyers can travel to TB at Newark Liberty International Airport from other terminals. It runs 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Also, it is free to use to travel between terminals. 

Note: In the AirTrain, drinking, smoking, and eating are not allowed. 

As a Final Observation, 

Spirit Airlines passengers can use Terminal B of EWR Airport for their flights. At this terminal, both flight arrivals and departures are effectively handled. Several facilities are offered to provide flexibility in the travel experience. They include lounges and restaurants. To find them easily, a map is available too. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What terminal is Spirit at Newark Airport?

In Newark, Spirit Airlines uses Terminal B of EWR Airport for its flight services.

What is the Spirit Airlines Arrival Terminal at EWR Airport?

For domestic/international flight landings, this air carrier uses Terminal B at EWR Airport.

Which international locations are served out of Spirit Air Terminal EWR Airport?

Cali, Punta Cana, etc., are a few international places flyers can travel out of Terminal B.

What is the maximum parking rate at Spirit Airlines Terminal Newark Airport?

To park vehicles at TB, the maximum cost is around USD 70 for 24 hours.

Is a lounge available at Spirit Airlines Newark Airport Terminal B?

USO Lounge is based at TB for military members and their families.

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