What Terminal is Spirit at LAX? Los Angeles Airport

What Terminal is Spirit at LAX? Los Angeles Airport

In Westchester, Spirit Airlines uses 2 terminals at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to conduct its operations. This airline approaches Terminal 5 and TBIT, also called Tom Bradley International Terminal. Various operations are handled at LAX Spirit Terminal 5 for domestic as well as international flights. For some international flight arrivals, TBIT is mostly in use. There are a number of gates available at both terminals. At T5, around 17 gates are present. There are nearly 40 gates at TBIT or Terminal B. The arrival and departure procedures function smoothly with the aid of these gates. 

What are the LAX Spirit Terminals for Departures and Arrivals?

From Terminal 5 of LAX Airport, Spirit Airlines departs all of its domestic flights. Also, international departures take place at the same terminal. For these departures, Level 3 is used. Travelers can go to Level 2 for the check-in facilities prior to their flight taking off. For baggage-related services, they can head to Level 1. 

Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal 5 is where all domestic flights arrive. For baggage claim areas, flyers can visit Level 1. On the other hand, Tom Bradley International Terminal or TBIT is utilized for international flight arrivals. At TBIT, baggage claim areas are located at Level 1. 

Basic Details Relating to Spirit Terminal LAX Airport

The following can be used by travelers of Spirit Airlines to obtain basic information about Los Angeles International Airport Terminal: 

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport IATA CodeLAX
LAX Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
Spirit LAX Terminal(Domestic, International)Terminals 5 and B
Spirit LAX Airport Contact Number(855) 728-3555
Operational Hours24 hours

In Consolidation, 

International, as well as domestic, operations are managed at Terminal 5 of LAX Airport. A few international flight operations are managed at Terminal B. By utilizing the infrastructure of these terminals, Spirit Airlines increases flexibility for its passengers. Also, various facilities are available to provide the ease of traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Spirit at LAX Airport?

Spirit Airlines provides flight services out of Terminal 5 and TBIT at this airport.

What is Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal for international flight arrivals?

For international flight arrivals, this air carrier utilizes Terminal B at LAX Airport.

Is a lounge available at Spirit Airlines LAX Terminal 5?

A specific Spirit airlines lounge is unavailable at Terminal 5 for passengers.

Which levels are used at Spirit Air LAX Terminal B?

This airline utilizes Levels 1, 5, and 6 at Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Are shuttle services available at Spirit Air Terminal LAX Airport?

Yes, shuttle facilities are available to move to T5 and TBIT from other terminals.

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