WestJet Airlines San Francisco International Airport Terminal (SFO)

San Francisco, CA 94128, United States



Note: This not airlines official number +1-877-694-1012. It may connect you with travel agency.

24 Hours

+1 650-821-8211

Terminal 4


In 1927, San Francisco International Airport was opened. It is based in San Mateo County. It gives flights across all of North America. In addition to these, it is a vital entry point to Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. With these and other locations, it is considered among the busiest airports. Further, WestJet Airlines has flights departing from this airport. It makes use of Terminal 4 in this case. To execute various flights, it uses the services of this terminal. Several other facilities are also available at WestJet Terminal SFO Airport. These facilities enhance the comfort of flyers in several ways. 

San Francisco Airport or SFO covers land of more than 5000 acres. It is elevated around 13 feet. Here, many gates are available too. With the aid of these gates, many passengers can move freely and without any hassle. While using the airport and its Terminal 4, the flyers of WestJet will experience excellent facilities at this airport. This is because the airline at SFO is dedicated to making sure that all visitors here can use every amenity and accessible program. At WestJet San Francisco Terminal 4, various counters are accessible. They can be used when flight bookings have to be made. Also, specific counters are approachable for flight management. Hence, people can receive a memorable trip via this airport terminal. 

Which/What Terminal is WestJet at SFO (San Francisco)?

WestJet Airlines operates its flights out of San Francisco International Airport. Here, Terminal 4 is highly used. Many departures are observed from this location. Along with these, for flight arrival, this airline uses the same terminal. Besides arrivals and departures, it is noted for being large enough. Hence, it is able to give an array of amenities. Various types of transportation are offered at SFO Airport. Rental cars, Uber, and AirTrains are some of them. Prior to boarding, for flight check-in, the specific counter at this airport terminal is helpful too. With these commendable structures and services, many people decide to fly from this location. 

WestJet Arrival/Departure Terminal (SFO)

Before boarding a plane, it is important to check in for the flight at San Francisco Airport. For this purpose, Terminal 4 is allocated. After this procedure being correctly completed, departures take place. For arrivals too, Terminal 4 is useful. Here, passengers of WestJet Airlines can easily pick up their bags. Also, they can obtain help regarding any luggage-related concerns.

Details About WestJet SFO Terminal

The SFO WestJet Terminal 4 is where the flights for passengers are run from. They are operated effectively. Numerous amenities are provided in addition to these flight operations. The TSA program can provide enough security for the same. Facilities for airport transfers are offered as well. To avail of these, the main details of the airport can come in handy.

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
WestJet San Francisco Airport Address San Francisco, CA 94128, United States
IATA Airport CodeSFO
WestJet SFO TerminalTerminal 4
Airport Contact No.+1 650-821-8211
Airport Sitehttp://flysfo.com/
CitySan Francisco
CountryUnited States
Working Hours24 hours
Email Addressmedia@westjet.com
Official Webpagehttps://www.westjet.com/

WestJet Airlines Headquarters and Contact Information

In Calgary, Alberta, WestJet Airlines’ headquarters is based. This body is engaged in a variety of duties. Its responsibilities include assisting the airline in giving its operations a distinctive orientation. In deciding on rules, methods, and other types of activities, it is actively involved. Flyers can, thus, count on this office to fully assist them with any complicated concerns relating to their journey. 

Address22 Aerial Place North East, Calgary, Alberta, T2E3J1
Phone Number1-866-693-7853

WestJet Baggage Services and Allowances

This airline professionally provides baggage services to passengers. It ensures that their luggage is kept safe throughout the journey. In a rare situation, when baggage is late or has been damaged, WestJet provides services to make up for the same. Prior to flying with this airline, luggage allowance services are available too.

Baggage TypeSize Weight
Checked baggage158cm (62 inches)32kg

The Following Requests Are Handled at the SFO WestJet Airlines Terminal

WestJet Airlines ensures that all passengers are happy with its amenities. Thus, SFO Airport Terminal 4 offers assistance if necessary with each and everything. This assistance can be related to reservations for travel, immigration amenities, and facilities while in the air. Customers can get prompt and precise replies with this carrier.

Wi-Fi in FlightsApplying for VisasBaggage Services
Canceling FlightsDuty-free Baggage AllowanceOKTB/Ok-to-Board
Food OnboardLounge FacilitiesWi-Fi in Flights
Reserving TicketsBusiness ClassMeet & Greet Procedures
Wi-Fi Services at AirportsServices at the AirportEconomy Class
Baggage ServicesMissed Baggage ServicesCheck-in Procedures
Arrival VisaFacilities for MilesVisa or Flight Information
Transfers at the AirportFacilities for ImmigrationEntertainment Onboard

Facilities Available at WestJet Airlines San Francisco Airport Terminal (SFO)

Flyers of this airline should be knowledgeable about the facilities offered before making travel arrangements. When traveling, they can take advantage of a range of conveniences. Its frequently utilized services include simple security check-in, management/cancellations of flights, and several facilities on board. They can reserve the services at the WestJet Terminal San Francisco Airport. 

Cabin Types

This airline offers a multitude of cabin types. The primary types are Premium Class and Business Class. Economy Class is offered for those who want to fly on a budget. They provide a wide range of services in these cabins. While some are complimentary, others can be purchased.

WestJet Rewards

Various benefits, as well as travel privileges, are available through the program – WestJet Rewards. It is simple to sign up for it. People can take advantage of fantastic deals. On selecting Member Exclusive Fare, passengers are able to make exclusive savings as well. Besides these, many other advantages can be learned about at the WestJet Terminal of San Francisco Airport. 

Facilities on Board

WestJet Airlines provides facilities to its customers while traveling, based on their tickets and route length. On short, as well as long flights, it offers snacks and drinks at no charge. Some flights have soothing and comfortable seats. Additionally, alcoholic drinks are served for purchase. Hence, with these incredible facilities, guests can go to any location whether its route is small or long. 

Check-in Facility

For flight check-in at the WestJet SFO Terminal 4, flyers may need some information. Either a ticket number or a booking code is needed for the same. Further, the entire name and birthdate as flyers have provided in their government-issued identification documents should be presented. Regarding all visits to the USA, passengers are required to present a passport. 

Facilities for Passengers’ Security 

At the SFO Airport Terminal, there are different kinds of security facilities available. CLEAR and TSA PreCheck are two of these. Further, other security programs are Mobile Passport and Global Entry. With all these, several benefits are provided. They may vary based on travel location, ticket types, and other factors. 

Flight Management

With WestJet Airlines, trips can be managed in multiple ways. Even for vacation packages, this flexibility can be availed. Along with these, people can upgrade their seats. Changes to tickets can be made. These can be modified with ease at SFO Airport Terminal 4. 

WestJet Airlines Los Angeles International Airport Map

A map is accessible for travelers at this airport. Whether it is their first journey from SFO Airport or they do it regularly, they can find several gates using this map. Once it is accessed, it is simple to find the departure as well as arrival spots. There are many windows and counters available for WestJet Airlines. They can be used for reserving flights and other services.  

WestJet SFO Terminal Lost and Found

At SFO Airport Terminal, there is a service related to lost and found luggage. For the same purpose, a specific counter is accessible. Here, any item that is lost can be notified as early as possible. Once the confirmation of ownership has been obtained, members of this department will search for the missing items. Later, when the item is discovered, it will be handed to the owners. Or else, they should be picked up from the airport. 

Parking Services at WestJet San Francisco Airport Terminal

There are different types of parking services available at SFO Airport Terminal. Long-term and domestic hourly parking are two main types. Further, international hourly, park fast, and other kinds are accessible too. Different advantages and aspects apply to them. Flyers of WestJet Airlines should plan ahead to reserve their parking spot, considering these aspects.

WestJet SFO Airport Terminal Passenger Traffic

The number of arrivals and departures at SFO Airport Terminal 4 is growing over time. Both local and foreign travelers have been influencing these operations. Since WestJet is able to satisfy their demands to travel to required places, this surge in passenger traffic is ideal.

Main Destinations of WestJet Airlines SFO Airport Terminal

When deciding to travel with WestJet Airlines, people can visit a number of locations. Through the Terminal of SFO Airport, it provides consistent connections to its main destinations. When flight services are frequently available, reservations can be made at the last minute too.

International Places
Vancouver, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

By reading the frequently asked questions and answers, travelers can find answers to their inquiries. These are connected to multiple services provided at SFO Airport Terminal. 

What Terminal is WestJet at SFO Airport?

This provider serves its flight operations at Terminal 4 of SFO Airport. 

Which is the WestJet SFO arrival terminal? 

Mostly, for all arrivals, including domestic and international, Terminal 4 at San Francisco Airport is used. 

Are baggage services provided at WestJet Terminal at SFO?

Yes, varying baggage services are available at this terminal.

Can I make reservations at WestJet San Francisco Terminal?

Reservations can be made through the counters of this airport in San Francisco.

When does check-in begin at WestJet Terminal San Francisco?

Check-in services are available at this terminal a few hours before take-off.


The Terminal of SFO Airport connects to several domestic and international places. With its state-of-the-art facilities, it also offers WestJet Airlines travelers a comfortable flying experience. In addition, this airport terminal meets a variety of demands of visitors, from trip planning to customization. 

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