Does Atlanta Airport have Sleep Pods? Availability, Booking, Facilities & Cost

Does Atlanta Airport have Sleep Pods

Atlanta Airport sleep pods are available for passengers who require accessing quick spots for relaxation. This service is provided by certain companies at the airport for customers’ comfort. When they have layovers or other flights waiting, they can make use of this service. It is provided to travelers for proper rest and sleep prior to their trips. Here, the simple yet well-managed rooms are ideal for quick sleep or some peace in between flights via ATL Airport. Depending on the service booked, there are few additional facilities provided for enhancing the experience of different people. Notably, these spots remain secure. Hence, people can safely and peacefully spend their time.

Does Atlanta Airport have Sleeping Pods?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has facilities for sleeping pods. There are mainly two suites available. This is a service that people can use when they have stopover flights. Or, when the flights are delayed or canceled, people can reserve this facility. Further, the service is useful when visitors come earlier than their flight departure time. 

  • Different people, including kids, the elderly, the disabled, and youngsters can access this service. 
  • To do so, it is important to make reservations in advance. 
  • For this purpose, some charges will be applicable. 

How to Book Sleep Pods at Atlanta Airport?

Booking pods for sleeping via Delta Airlines Atlanta International Airport’s counter is reliable. There are other authorized methods available too. By using the Minute Suites website, booking can be made. The calling method is another way for making reservations with ease. To call the airport, its official phone number should be used.

By Making a Call to Atlanta Airport Professionals

In between layover flights, people can book sleeping pods by calling the officials of Atlanta Airport. Also, it is crucial to book it one hour prior to departure time. For the same, the airport’s official contact number can be dialed. 

For reservations of sleep pods in Atlanta Airport, the calling number given are as follows: 

  • (404)-762-7660
  • (404)-975-3941
  • Once the call is connected, people can ask for the reservation of the sleeping pod. 
  • The professionals over the phone need some details, including the kind of stay wanted. 
  • Also, they will need information regarding the date, time, and duration. 
  • After providing these details, passengers will be prompted to pay the costs applicable.
  • The process will be completed soon as the payment has been received. 

Making Reservations via Minute Suites’ Website

Minute Suites is a trusted name, offering pods for relaxation. To reserve the sleeping pods in Atlanta Airport provided by this company, its website can be used. By giving a few details, bookings can be immediately completed. The bookings can be customized using certain options available during the process.

  • Navigate the ‘Minute Suites‘ official website.
  • On the home page, click on the “Reservations” button. 
  • Choose the location where one needs to rest. 
  • Pick from the types, such as “Regular Stay“, “Priority Pass“, etc. 
  • Now, click on the hours for which the suite is required.
  • Provide the necessary information asked further. 
  • Once these steps are completed, submit the payment for the airport sleep pods in Atlanta. 

At Atlanta Airport

Should travelers need to book sleeping pods for relaxation before their connecting flights, then at Atlanta Airport, it is possible. Here, people need to visit the specified counter for reservations. Choose the type of stay and provide the required details. Then the prices are to be paid. After paying the complete cost, the booking gets confirmed. 

  • While making reservations at the airport, people can view and select sleeping pods. 
  • Not only to rest but also to work, they can choose the most suitable options.

Features of Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods

Various sleeping pods are located at Atlanta Airport. They have many features accessible to customers. For comfortable sleeping, they can receive a personal room with a finely-sized bed. While resting here, they can order food and drinks at their convenience. Other facilities are provided too, promoting an overall good experience.

Rest Zones

At Atlanta Airport, a rest zone is available. This facility is provided to freshen up during the stopover flights. Here, passengers can relax too on sleeping pods when their flight is delayed or missed. Here, people can rest and relax in sleeping pods by paying some price. 

Security and Safety 

While sleeping at Atlanta Airport, people can feel safe. It is because all the security measures taken are commendable. The privacy of customers is maintained as well. When it comes to their items, the staff present here can completely take care of them. All over, security and safety will be provided.  

Room Structure

The rooms at airport sleeping pods at Atlanta Airport have a daybed sofa. This can be converted into a bed. In a room, four people can unwind and slumber. A sound-canceling system is provided. For customers, there is a personal thermostat that controls the room temperature. In addition, people can observe transient office space. Hence, with these features, people can opt to sleep at this airport. 

Food Services 

While resting on sleeping pods, people can ask for food facilities. For customers’ convenience, there is a mini-bar available in each suite. Here, one can purchase several kinds of drinks. Along with these, some snacks are given for purchase. 

Items for Sale

At Atlanta International Airport sleep pods, a large selection of high-end travel items are available. Both offline and internet shopping are available options. Among the things travelers may buy are sleep masks. Further, noise-canceling headphones are available for sale. People can purchase several face cleansers for freshness too. Besides, silk bedding can be found. 


At Atlanta Airport, visitors can find the cleanest places while resting on pods. They can expect an organized room here. All beds are cleaned thoroughly after each use. Also, it is considered the best spot for passengers to put on a social mask when traveling. 

Facilities for Sleeping Pods Atlanta Airport

All passengers who have a flight departure can book a service for sleeping pods at Atlanta Airport. There are various facilities enabled for passengers who are using sleeping pods at this airport. They facilitate and enhance passengers’ vacations that are accessible here for purchase. 

  • Passengers can purchase blankets as the room temperature is quite cold due to air conditioners.  
  • Different kinds of pillows, including soft and hard ones are given.
  • People can make use of charging spots for their phone’s battery. 
  • With a Wi-Fi facility, one can entertain throughout their relaxation mode. 
  • The room is enhanced with beautiful curtains that give positive vibes while sleeping. 
  • Facilities for showers are available here.
  • It is only located at Atlanta Airport near Gate B-24.  

Where are the Sleeping Pods Atlanta Airport Located?

There are two sleeping pods based at Atlanta Airport. Both locations are easy to reach. One such location is situated at Atlanta Airport Concourse B. Here, at Gate 16, it can be found. Another location for the same is at B-24 of ATL Airport. The food, relaxation areas, and other facilities are simply accessed by multiple travelers. 

Which Company Offers Atlanta Sleeping Pods?

At Atlanta Airport, Minute Suites has provided the service for sleeping pods. It started off as a wellness company in this airport to combat the stress and exhaustion brought on by flying. Also, its aim is to provide good sleep to customers in the middle of a busy terminal. To make use of Atlanta nap pods, it is one of the best companies to opt for. 

  • It provides this facility every day of the week.
  • Various facilities provided by Minute Suites, including Wi-Fi, shower, and more are accessible. 
  • Most of the facilities are easily accessed as they are affordable. 

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods with Lounges

There are some lounges available at this airport that feature sleeping pods. Away from hectic schedules, visitors can come and relax here for a while. Along with relaxing, several facilities are observed at Alitalia Lounge ATL Airport. They can be related to good meals, excellent shower facilities, and more. 

What is the Cost for Atlanta Sleep Pods?

A number of variables play an important role in deciding the cost of sleeping pods at Atlanta Airport. The duration passengers may need to spend is the main factor. Precise costs can be assessed even based on the kind of stay they need. Typically, the cost for the same is affordable. 

  • The cost of spending one hour on sleeping pods is around USD 48
  • After this period, $12 can be charged for every extra 15 minutes till two hours. 
  • For spending two hours on the nap pods at Atlanta Airport, people should pay about USD 96
  • Following this time, people need to spend $9 for an additional 15-minute interval
  • Further, USD 175 can be charged for an extended 8-hour period after 09:00 P.M
  • For using shower facilities, flyers are required to pay $30
  • The shower facility included with the suite rental payment is USD 20

Atlanta Airport Sleep Pod Reviews

The services for sleeping pods at Atlanta Airport provided by Minute Suites are top-notch. It has also been observed that the connectivity of Wi-Fi is quite good. In order to make passengers comfortable for a one or two-hour duration, Minute Suites has chosen the best pods, showers, food, and other facilities.  

  • As per further reviews, privacy is maintained completely in sleep pods at Atlanta Airport. 
  • According to the reviews, passengers’ overall experience has been pleasant. 
  • This is mainly due to the reasonable amount of price. 
  • Additionally, the staff members are cooperative and friendly. 

Who can access Atlanta Airport Pods?

The nap pods at Atlanta Airport can be assessed by a plethora of passengers or groups. To make use of this facility, different families can reserve it. For small kids too, the facility seems to be incredible. Old-age passengers can also rest in these areas. 

Other persons waiting for their transit flights can make bookings for the same. For female passengers who are pregnant or having a small baby, the sleep pod at this airport is one of the most suitable options for rest. 

Alternative for Atlanta Airport Nap Pods 

For relaxing, sleeping pods are comfortable. The alternative for the same is Hotels. At or near Atlanta Airport, there are various hotels available for rest and relaxation. To get entry to these hotels, passengers need to book the rooms in advance. After reservation, they can sleep and take rest as per their requirement.

Some of the hotels available are listed below: 

The cost of these and other hotels may vary according to the facilities and spaciousness. 

How to Cancel Nap Pods Atlanta Airport?

At Atlanta Airport, passengers have complete flexibility in canceling their sleep pod bookings with Minute Suites. To avoid paying a fee, it is advised to revoke it at least one hour prior to the trip. To initiate this, some methods are provided. 

  • People can make sleeping pod cancellations by calling the professionals at ATL Airport
  • Minute Suites website is helpful to cancel the sleep pods at Atlanta Airport.
  • At this airport, this procedure is easily completed under the supervision of executives. 
  • It is suggested to cancel the service via the same method via which the booking has been made. 

Briefly to Conclude,

At Atlanta Airport, sleeping pods are provided for rest as well as work. They are one of the less expensive options to spend time while waiting for flights. This facility allows customers to rest even when the flights are delayed or in case of connecting trips.



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