What are the Best Airlines to Work for as a Pilot? 

What are the Best Airlines to Work for as a Pilot? 

A pilot is responsible for cabin crew and passengers’ safety. They are the ones who deal with mechanical issues, harsh climatic conditions, and more. Since becoming a pilot is a prolific career option, a candidate should know about the best airlines to work for as a pilot. This is because air operators can differ in relation to their goals. In general, a good airline focuses on proper training, safety, additional perks, etc. A potential pilot must check all these aspects before thinking about any airline. Across the globe, some carriers remain significant when such perks and goals have to be met.

Top 6 Airlines for Pilots to Work

Across the globe, a lot of good airlines are there that offer great salaries, positive working conditions, safety/training, and have a good market reputation. All these aspects are required for a candidate’s career growth as well as better future opportunities in the aviation sector. 

Below are some of the top options of the best airlines to work as a pilot:

1. Southwest Airlines

This is a United States-based air operator. Counted among the largest airlines in the country, it is best known for its good working atmosphere and employee-friendly culture. By working with this airline as a pilot, one can gain a lot of benefits such as hefty salaries, free travel for family, regular promotions, and proper training.

Also, Southwest Airlines has great reviews on different sites for its exceptional safety records. In addition to this, ex-employees of this airline have given positive reviews. They have mainly highlighted work culture, salary, fairness, and other notable benefits in their reviews. All of these make it an ideal choice to start a career as a pilot.

2. Delta Airlines

Yet another great option to join as a pilot is Delta Airlines. This is based in the US and is considered one of the leading and largest carriers. Recognized as a significant name in the aviation industry, candidates can join it because of the fair working conditions, strong policies, and positive employee safety records.

When it comes to salary, Delta Airlines’ pilots are counted among the highest-paid professionals in the country. Apart from this, pilots are provided with several other perks such as medical insurance, free travel for family members, etc.

3. Lufthansa

This Germany-based airline is the largest in Europe. It is the best international airline to work for as a pilot because of its outstanding policies, work culture, and reputation. It is interesting to know that German organizations are known for offering excellent paychecks and a positive atmosphere to learn, work, and grow.

The same goes for Lufthansa. It offers a range of perks to its pilots. This includes but is not limited to free transportation, accommodation, insurance, growth opportunities, and more. Anyone willing to kick-start their career as a pilot on a successful note can choose Lufthansa without a doubt.

4. Virgin Atlantic

Many popular international airlines offer the best opportunities to potential pilots. One such name is Virgin Atlantic. Situated in the UK, this airline is a good choice to work with for so many good reasons.

First and foremost, it offers lucrative opportunities to those who are capable and well-trained. With gleaming Glassdoor reviews, Virgin Atlantic can be a great choice to work with in terms of work environment, salary, growth, and more. Apart from these, all employees including pilots are provided with medical insurance, free travel, and countless other perks.

5. United Airlines

When you check the list of the best US airlines to work for as a pilot, United Airlines will be observed securing a good rank. It offers an inclusive environment to work in. Furthermore, every employee’s skills are respected and treated equally. With good safety records, it can be your best pick to start your career with.

Competitive salaries and regular promotions make United Airlines a preferred name among budding pilots. For those who are conscious about their safety while working, whether in the air or on the ground, then no other option is better than United.

6. Alaska Airlines

Established in 1932, Alaska has been rated the best airline in the aviation industry to work with. With peaceful work cultures and outstanding management, this airline is a top-rated option to start your career as a pilot.

This airline is known for its amazing safety records. It is because of the training provided to its pilots to minimize the chances of any fatal accident. High-end salary, free insurance, employee-friendly regulations, and regular training are a few more reasons that make this airline a popular choice to work as a pilot. 

In a nutshell

There are many great names on the list of the best airlines to work for as a pilot. It is important to determine your needs. To decide better, be clear about your needs – safety, growth, or additional perks. Based on the same, you can choose an airline to work with.


Q 1: What are the best airlines to work for as a pilot in the United States?

A: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Alaska are the best options for pilots in the United States.

Q 2: Which international airline is the best to work with as a pilot?

A: Lufthansa is considered the best for pilots because of the perks offered.

Q 3: Why is Southwest Airlines a good choice for budding pilots?

A: Great salary, regular hikes, and its work culture make Southwest good for budding pilots.

Q 4: What perks does United Airlines provide to its pilots?

A: It offers medical insurance, free travel, a positive work culture, and so on.

Q 5: Is there any benefit of working with Lufthansa as a pilot?

A: Lufthansa is known for its employee-centric policies and work cultures among the key benefits.

Q 6: Why work with Alaska Airlines as a pilot?

A: To get an excellent salary and amazing perks, you can consider working with Alaska Airlines.



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