Guide to Delta Terminal at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Delta Airlines Terminal Guide at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Orlando International Airport or MCO manages Delta Airlines flight operations in the United States. For the same, Terminal B is utilized. Major flight arrival and departure procedures are handled here. At Delta Terminal B MCO Airport, there are 2 Airsides, numbered 3 and 4. They are used to run these flight operations smoothly. Further, to regulate the operations, each Airside has gates. Gates 70 to 99 are located on Airside 4, where most of this air carrier’s operations are managed. Airside 3 comprises Gates 30 to 59. Besides these, TB offers ground-level facilities for dining, shopping, and transportation.

What Terminal is Delta at MCO Airport?

Delta Airlines executes its flights out of Terminal B of Orlando International Airport (MCO). To arrive and depart from here, travelers should obtain information regarding the airport terminal address, contact number, business hours, etc.

Airport Name: Orlando International Airport
Airport Code: MCO
MCO Airport Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States
City: Orlando, Florida
Country: United States
Delta Terminal at MCO Airport: Terminal B
Delta Airlines MCO Terminal Phone Number: 800-221-1212
Business Hours: 24 hours
Delta Airlines Email ID: (Ticketing information)
Delta Air Lines Official Website:

What are the Levels Available at Delta MCO Terminal B?  

At Terminal B of Orlando International Airport, 4 levels are present, inclusive of R-1, 1, 2, and 3. At Parking Level R-1, facilities to halt vehicles can be availed. Level 1 consists of baggage claim and ground transportation services. At Level 2 as well, baggage claim facilities are observed. Level 3 of TB features check-in counters and security screening.

What is the Delta Terminal at MCO Airport for Departures?

Terminal B of Orlando International Airport serves as the departure point for the domestic flights of Delta Air Lines. The same terminal is used for the departures of international flights. For procedures prior to departure like check-in and security, flyers can come to Level 3 of TB. 

What is the MCO Delta Terminal for Flight Arrivals?

Delta Air Lines’ domestic flight arrivals occur at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. International flight arrivals are seen at this terminal as well. After arriving at TB, travelers can access baggage claim services on Level 1, Gate 28B and at carousels 20-32 on Level 2 of MCO Delta Terminal B.

What are the Services Available at MCO Airport Delta Terminal B? 

The Delta MCO Terminal B comprises multiple facilities for the passengers of Delta Air Lines whether they are arriving or departing. Rest areas, lounges, airport Wi-Fi, and more are accessible. The charges associated with the services can be inquired at the airline’s counter at the airport.

Baggage Wrapping: At present, Terminal B of Orlando International Airport does not feature baggage wrapping facilities for Delta Airlines travelers. They can request alternatives at the counters of this airline.

Chapel: Passengers with boarding passes can use an interfaith chapel at Orlando International Airport Terminal B. It is located near Gates 1 to 59, inside Terminal B. 

Family Rest Areas: The MCO Airport Delta Terminal B houses family restrooms, accessible prior to and after reaching security checkpoints. They are located at Levels 1 and 3. Others can be found at Gates 30-59 and 70-99. Delta Airlines travelers can utilize these rooms at any time. 

Art Program: At MCO Airport, the Art Program is observed. The gallery, which is open from 07:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M., is situated on the B-side “South Walk” of the Main Terminal. With this program, passengers can engage in photography. 

Lounges: Delta Sky Club Lounge can be accessed by travelers at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. It is located near Gate 71 (Airside 4) at TB. Different facilities, such as meals, flight assistance, complimentary Wi-Fi, and more can be availed in this lounge. Prior to visiting, know the associated charges at Orlando MCO Delta Terminal B. 

Airport Wi-Fi: Currently, Wi-Fi is unavailable at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. However, to use this facility, travelers can head to the public areas of the airport. Here, the internet is available free of cost. To access it, the Wi-Fi SSID “MCO Internet” is to be used.  

Showers: A specific shower facility is unavailable at Terminal B of Orlando Airport or MCO. To make use of the shower facilities, flyers can visit the Delta Sky Club Lounge. It is located at Level 3, Terminal B. 

ATMs/Banks: At Level 3 of Delta Airlines Terminal B, MCO Airport, ATMs are located. They are operated by SunTrust Bank. To withdraw cash by using cards, passengers can use ATMs during most hours. 

Quiet Rooms: Currently, MCO Airport may not have specific quiet rooms for the flyers of Delta. At the airsides though, quiet areas are present. Flyers can utilize these spaces to rest or sleep.

Children’s Area: Terminal B of Orlando International Airport features a children’s area. The name for this area is Give Kids the World Village. It is situated near the B-side, outside the security area at Level 2. Here, activities can be found for kids’ entertainment. 

Smoking Areas: From 1st July 2003 onward, according to State Law, Orlando International Airport comprises non-smoking areas. For this reason, at Terminal B, the smoking of cigars, cigarettes, or any other tobacco products is prohibited. However, to know the recent law/rule regarding smoking, one can connect with Delta Airlines at this complex.

Luggage Carts: There are luggage carts available at Terminal B of MCO Airport. To make use of the same, flyers are required to pay around USD 6. Prior to use, not that these carts are not allowed through security at TB. 

Mobile Passport Control Application: Flyers of Delta Airlines can use Mobile passport control applications to submit their travel documents. Further, photos and customs declaration data can be sent via this application. It is one of the most secure and free applications to use. 

Pet Relief Areas: At the west end of the structure, Level 3 of Delta Airlines Terminal B, Orlando International Airport, pet relief areas are situated. In these areas, pets are provided with the essential facilities to get relieved and cleaned afterward. 

Restaurants/Food Outlets: There are various restaurants available at Terminal B of MCO Airport, serving Italian, American Cuisine, and other choices. 

Below given are the best food outlets located at this terminal:

Restaurants at TB Functional Hours 
Mccoys Bar & Grill 24 hours 
Macaroni Grill 11:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 
Moe’s Southwest Grill 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 
SBARRO 06:00 A.M. To 10:00 P.M. 

Luggage Storage: While traveling from MCO Airport, flyers can store their luggage at Level 1 of Terminal B. Here, they can store bags for 1 or more days. Also, with this facility, baggage delivery and pickup at the intended location can be availed, when needed. 

Currency Exchange: At Delta Orlando Airport Terminal B, counters for currency exchange facilities are based. These are functional from 09:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M. on the standard business days. The contact number to connect with the agents at the counters is 321-270-1075. 

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Does the Delta Orlando Airport Terminal B have Lost and Found?

For flyers, a lost and found office is unavailable at Delta MCO Terminal B. They can report their lost items using the airport’s official website. Here, a form is available. To complete the form, some details including contact and item information are required. 

Also, when an unchecked item is lost on board, flyers can report it to Delta Airlines. It is suggested to fill out a form available on the air operator’s website to report the item. For checked luggage, flyers can contact the officials at 404-209-3043 or 800-325-8224. Lost items can be reported within 24 hours when traveling domestically and within 7 days when flying internationally.

Top Destinations Covered at Delta Airlines Terminal MCO Airport

Delta Airlines uses Terminal B at MCO Airport to operate within the US. Aside from domestic locations, it has connectivity to international places as well. It is also useful to know that the airline provides both seasonal and regular flights to these places to maintain wide connectivity.

Domestic International 
Atlanta Nassau
Minneapolis Belize City 
Detroit Toronto 
Seattle Grand Cayman 
Los Angeles Sydney
New York Brussels 
Boston Vancouver 

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Does the Delta Airlines MCO Terminal have Parking Services?

At Delta Terminal B at MCO Airport, parking services can be availed. They are mainly inclusive of Parking Garage B and Valet Parking. Passengers can park their vehicles for up to 45 days maximum, with a minimum of 20 minutes. Also, all parked vehicles remain under observation by the Orlando Police Department. 

All day long, Parking Garage B is in operation. For its associated fees, the following table is useful: 

Duration of Parking Rate (in USD)
First 20 minutes Free
The first 21 to 30 minutes 2
For every 14 minutes more124 (maximum)
1 day,45 days at most 24 per day

The hours of operation for the Valet Parking are from 06:00 A.M. till 11:00 P.M. The following tables describe the cost of this parking service: 

Valet Parking Duration Cost (in USD)
20 minutes at the start4
Every 3 hours at most, every 20 minutes1
Daily, for a maximum of 45 days 35 per day

Travelers can make use of Terminal Top Parking, Hyatt Valet Parking, South Park Place Economy Lot, Hotel, Guest Parking, South Cell Phone Lot, North Cell Phone Lot, Parking Garage C, and Parking Garage A as well. Valet Parking and Parking Garage B are recommended for easy access. 

Which Terminal is Delta at MCO Airport for Flight Reservations?

At Delta Terminal B at Orlando International Airport, travelers can book their flights. One can come to the airline’s counter at the airport terminal and request a flight booking. Here, the representatives of this carrier will require certain information, such as the desired travel location, time, date, and other aspects to complete the flight booking procedure. 

In order to make reservations offline, travelers can also use Delta’s phone number. They can dial 800-221-1212 to request a flight reservation.

What Terminal is Delta at MCO for Check-in? 

To check in with Delta Airlines flights, flyers can head to Terminal B at MCO. They can choose regular or curbside check-in. Both check-in options are available at Level 3 of Delta Terminal B at MCO Airport. It is important to share the ticket number, government ID, and other relevant information for the procedure. 

Travelers can also check in online by using Delta Air Lines’ official website. Here, click on the “Check-in” tab and initiate the procedure. Travelers can then print their boarding pass online or at Terminal B, MCO Airport after checking in via the airline’s website. 

Can You Cancel Delta Airlines Bookings at MCO Terminal? 

It is possible to cancel flights with Delta Airlines at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Travelers can come to Terminal B. Here, for flight cancellations, the counters are actively available. Visit the dedicated counter and request a flight reversal procedure by providing the required information. Further, when required, pay the cancellation fees. 

In addition to visiting the Delta Terminal at MCO Airport, travelers can contact the counter via the phone number 800-221-1212. As per the cancellation policy terms, the officials can revoke flights over the telephone. 

How to Check Flight Status at Delta Terminal at Orlando International Airport? 

The Delta Air Lines flight status can be checked by travelers at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. It can be verified at Level 3 of TB. The airline’s representatives can help determine the actual status of the flight. Further, when the flight is delayed or canceled, travelers are notified. 

Can I Upgrade Seats on Delta at MCO Airport Terminal B? 

Fliers can upgrade their Delta flight seats at Terminal B of MCO Airport. However, Economy Class travelers cannot avail of this option. This is because they are assigned seats after completing the check-in procedure. Usually, passengers having other ticket types can upgrade their seats, subject to certain terms and conditions. 

  • Note that flyers can upgrade seats and make payments at the MCO Delta Terminal B. 
  • These upgrades are refundable/changeable, based on the original ticket’s rules. 
  • However, seat changes are not convertible to different flights or schedules. 
  • After paid upgrades, when cancellations are made, travelers are eligible to get eCredits. 
  • This eCredit can be obtained for the full cost of the purchased seat upgrade. 

How to Make Inquiries at Delta Terminal at MCO Airport? 

Travelers can make multiple inquiries at Delta MCO Terminal B regarding the airport and in-flight services. The information booths are located next to the security checkpoint at TB. They are active from 06:00 A.M. to 08:00 P.M. 

Can You Make Luggage Inquiries at Delta Terminal MCO Airport? 

One can inquire about the Delta Airlines baggage services at Orlando Airport (MCO). Passengers can visit Terminal B. The counters for these services are located Near B-Side, outside the security areas at Level 2, TB. Here, inquiries concerning standard baggage allowance, its associated cost, permitted items on board, and others can be cleared with ease. 

Besides visiting MCO Airport Delta Terminal B, travelers can receive baggage information through the airline’s website as well. 

Can I Avail of Delta Unaccompanied Minor Service at MCO Airport Terminal B? 

For young fliers, Delta Airlines has established an Unaccompanied Minor Program. To avail or make use of this program, bookings can be made for kids aged between 5 to 17 years old. Guardians/parents can review specific guidelines of the Unaccompanied Minor Program at the Delta Terminal B MCO Airport and then make reservations. 

Can You Travel with Pets via Delta MCO Airport Terminal? 

Delta Airlines passengers can carry pets out of Orlando International Airport. They must adhere to the air operator’s pet policy while doing so. As per this policy, small cats, housebirds, and dogs are permitted to be carried on domestic travel departing from Delta Terminal B at MCO Airport.

Below-shown are the general terms of the airline’s pet policy:

  • The animals should fit into a ventilated soft-sided pet cage. 
  • Also, this cage should go beneath the seat in front of the passenger. 
  • When traveling domestically, a pet should be at least 8 weeks old. 
  • To travel with pets internationally, the policy’s rules can vary. 
  • To book pet travel for international/domestic travel, go to Terminal B of MCO Airport. 

What are the Closest Hotels to MCO Delta Terminal? 

One of the lodging/hotel options near MCO Delta Terminal B is the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. It is located between Terminals A and B. While staying here, travelers can explore local nightlife, restaurants, etc. To book a room in this hotel, dial the contact number (407)-825-1234. 

What are the Ground Transportation Facilities at Delta Terminal at MCO Airport? 

Hotel shuttles are one of the ground transportation facilities available at Terminal B, Orlando International Airport. They are located near Gates B1 to B4 and B40. Passengers can receive complimentary transportation to/from MCO Airport. 

More ground transportation facilities available at Terminal B of MCO Airport are: 

Ride Sharing: Passengers departing/arriving out of Delta MCO Terminal B can use ride-sharing services, such as Uber, Wingz, and Lyft. With these, they can be dropped off at the departure curb at Level 3, TB. Moreover, at Levels 2 and 3, they can be picked up via any ride-sharing service. The pickup hours are from 09:00 P.M. to 02:00 A.M. 

Taxi Cabs : For Delta’s fliers, taxi cabs are available at Level 1, Ground Transportation Curb, B30 to B34, Terminal B, MCO Airport. The City of Orlando’s Vehicle-for-Hire legislation governs all taxis that pick up passengers at the airport. They can accommodate up to 9 travelers. The fare for the same is calculated using a taximeter. 

Shuttle Vans: Travelers can head to B27 to B29, Ground Transportation Curb, Level 1 at MCO Airport Delta Terminal B to book/use shuttle vans. The cost of using these vans is applicable per passenger. For more information on children’s discounts and round-trip costs, flyers can inquire at the terminal. 

What is Delta MCO Terminal B Map? 

The Orlando MCO Delta Terminal B map serves as a valuable tool for identifying different locations, such as boarding gates. Additionally, this tool facilitates finding lounges, dining areas, and ATMs available at Terminal B. Further, check-in counters and security checkpoints are easy to locate via this map.

Can Flyers Transfer between MCO Airport Terminals? 

There is not a particular facility available at Orlando International Airport that would take passengers to TB from other terminals. However, shuttle vans can be used to travel from this airport. They are found at the Ground Transportation Curb (Level 1), Gates B27 to B29. Furthermore, there is a cost per person charged for these shuttle vans. 

Along with shuttle vans, out-of-town shuttles can be availed at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. They are located in the area B14 to B15. 

All in All, 

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal B at Orlando International Airport or MCO. Here, this air carrier controls arrival and departure operations. Along with managing these operations, airport and in-flight facilities can be availed, from booking tickets to checking in for flights at Delta Terminal MCO Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Delta at MCO Airport?

Delta Airlines makes use of Terminal B at MCO Airport as part of its operations. 

What is the MCO Delta Arrivals Terminal?

For the arrivals of this airline, Terminal B of MCO Airport is approached.

Are baggage carts chargeable at Delta Orlando Terminal B?

Yes, at a minimum price of $6, baggage carts can be used.

What is the minimum cost of valet parking at Delta Airlines Orlando Terminal?

USD 4 is charged for up to 20 minutes at Valet Parking.

Is Lost and Found available at Delta Terminal Orlando Airport?

Terminal B does not feature lost and found offices.

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