Best Things to Do at and Near Orlando International Airport

Best Things to Do at and Near Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO), a bustling airfield for global travel, is more than just a transit hub. It stands as an important point to explore the city of Orlando, Florida. The airport has 3 terminals A, B, and C. These terminals offer several things to do at MCO Airport for exploration and relaxation. Along with these things for exploration, travelers can head to various spots near MCO Airport. Here, families and kids can indulge in things to spend quality time together. Also, for individuals, many activities are available. At the airport or nearby, they can explore parks, wildlife, sports clubs, and more.

What are the Top Things to Do Near MCO Airport?

Families and friends can explore different things to do near MCO Airport. They can discover a world of excitement beyond the runways of Orlando International Airport. Here, different parks can be visited. Also, visitors can experience the amazing wildlife in Orlando, FL. 

1. Explore B-52 Memorial Park

For those seeking a blend of history and tranquility, a visit to B-52 Memorial Park is highly recommended. Located a short distance from MCO, this park commemorates the B-52 aircraft and its valiant crew. Visitors can immerse themselves in the serene ambiance as they stroll through well-maintained grounds. This park is adorned with memorials. It pays homage to aviation history. 

2. Relax at Lake Eola Park

Tourists can enhance their stay and explore things to do around MCO Airport by visiting Lake Eola Park. It is known for its serene oasis in downtown Orlando. They can take a boat ride on the lake and explore the park’s surroundings. One can enjoy a swan paddleboat experience. With its peaceful ambiance, Lake Eola Park provides a refreshing escape just a short drive from the airport.

3. Visit Airport Lakes Park

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the picturesque landscapes of Airport Lakes Park. It is a hidden oasis near Orlando International Airport. The park features winding trails, serene lakes, and abundant wildlife. It provides an ideal setting for a leisurely escape. Whether tourists opt for birdwatching or a relaxed picnic, Airport Lakes Park is a must-visit among the things to do near Orlando MCO Airport.

4. Roam at Gatorland

To explore Florida’s unique wildlife, venture to Gatorland. It is located in close proximity to MCO. Known as the “Alligator Capital of the World,” Gatorland promises an unforgettable wildlife experience. Travelers can witness thrilling shows and engage in wildlife encounters. It’s an opportunity to connect with the wildlife of Florida in a safe and amusing environment.

What are the Family-Friendly Things to Do Near Orlando Airport (MCO)?

Tourists can explore family-friendly things to do near Orlando Airport during layovers. Especially for those with kids, various sports activities are available near MCO. Entertainment programs can also be availed. Along with these, parks can be explored. 

1. Experience Orlando Watersports Complex

While traveling with family, activities that satisfy water-based excitement should be explored. The Orlando Watersports Complex is only a short drive from MCO. This facility caters to all skill levels, offering activities like wakeboarding and paddleboarding. It’s an excellent opportunity for family bonding and creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Florida’s sunny skies.

2. Discover Icon Park

One of the things to do around Orlando Airport is paying a visit to Icon Park. It is a vibrant entertainment complex near MCO. Here, visitors can enjoy the iconic Orlando Eye observation wheel. It offers some diverse restaurants to dine at. Icon Park is an ideal stop for a well-rounded Orlando experience.

3. Amuse at Crayola Experience Orlando

Fuel the creative spirit within your family with a visit to Crayola Experience Orlando, conveniently situated near Orlando International Airport. This interactive attraction provides a hands-on journey through the world of color. From crafting personalized crayons to exploring imaginative exhibits, Crayola Experience is ideal for both children and adults, making it a perfect family-friendly escapade.

What are the Best Things to Do at Orlando Airport During a Layover?

Visitors having layovers between flights can spend time exploring the best things to do at MCO Airport. They can turn their layover at Orlando International Airport into a memorable experience by savoring delectable meals at culinary hotspots. Also, they can prefer exploring captivating artworks and indulging in retail therapy.

1. Enjoy a Meal at Culinary Hotspots

During a layover, savoring a delicious meal can be a highlight of the airport experience. Orlando International Airport boasts a diverse array of dining options, ranging from local flavors to international cuisines. Taking a culinary journey through the airport’s eateries allows one’s taste buds to explore the rich gastronomic landscape of Orlando.

2. Explore the Artistic Splendor 

Orlando International Airport has a beautiful structure, modified by art. Take a leisurely stroll through the terminals to discover an impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, and installations. These artistic expressions not only add aesthetic value but also provide visitors with a unique opportunity to appreciate the intersection of travel and creativity.

3. Engage in Retail Therapy

For those inclined to indulge in shopping, Orlando Airport presents a haven of retail options. From travel essentials to luxury goods, the airport’s shops cater to a diverse range of preferences. Tourists can have a shopping experience at MCO Airport to shop souvenirs and gifts too.

4. Visit The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Experience indulging in relaxation at The Hyatt Regency. It is located within the MCO Airport area. Unwind in comfortable accommodations, enjoy exquisite dining, or rejuvenate at the fitness center. The Hyatt Regency provides a luxurious oasis for travelers seeking comfort and convenience during their layover.

In Summation,

There are multiple interesting things to do near Orlando MCO Airport. It is amazing to explore sports clubs or entertainment programs with friends or take the family to amazing parks nearby. At the airport as well, visitors can opt for different activities, such as shopping and heading to art galleries.



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