Why is LOT Airlines so Cheap and How to Reserve Low-Fare Flights?

LOT Polish Airlines aims to provide travelers with inexpensive tickets. By providing low-cost flight tickets, the airline gives basic facilities throughout the journey. This is one of the primary reasons why LOT Airlines is so cheap. Additionally, apart from basic facilities, it provides certain policies that can be abided by, based on the requirements and circumstances. The regulation of these policies ensures that fliers do not pay excessively, given that the terms are abided by. Also, in order to be certain about whether or not this carrier is completely affordable, several other aspects should be looked into.

Does LOT Airlines Offer Cheap Flights Domestically? 

LOT Airlines Offer Cheap Flights

As an incredible operator, LOT Airlines attempts to offer cheap domestic flights to a number of locations in Poland. Usually, these flights are provided to passengers having Economy Class reservations on short-haul routes. 

Below are certain services that are available to passengers once they book LOT Airlines cheap Economy tickets:

  • Travelers can receive delectable meals on short-haul domestic flights for cheap. 
  • On certain airplanes, onboard entertainment can be accessed at low or no cost. 

Is LOT Airlines Cheap for Infants/Kids’ Travel? 

With LOT Airlines, travelers can book cheap flights for infants. Those who do not plan to have separate seats for infants can avail of around 90% discounts of the standard price. To make use of the same, the infants should be below 2 years old. 

Further, for kids, LOT Polish Airlines cheap tickets can be booked at 25% reduced costs. This discount can be received by young passengers between 2 to 12 years of age. 

Is LOT Airlines Cheap for Infants/Kids’ Travel? 

Why is LOT Airlines Cheap and Affordable? 

The national airline of Poland tries to offer low-cost/affordable travel to its flyers. Particularly for those who fly with it on a frequent basis, reasonably priced fares are usually accessible. Further, they can avail of discounts, offers, and deals by making direct reservations. Moreover, LOT is not only cheap but invites no hidden charges too.

Is LOT Airlines Cheap in Terms of Baggage Fees? 

LOT Airlines Cheap in Terms of Baggage Fees

LOT Airlines is one of the cheapest carriers in terms of baggage fees, especially when booking Economy class flight tickets. Typically, the Economy Class booking includes the regular checked and 1 carry-on baggage. One is not required to pay additional costs for baggage while reserving cheap flights on LOT Polish Airlines. 

  • Also, note that this carrier charges a minimal luggage fee of 115 PLN + 8% VAT on domestic flights.
  • One can book an extra baggage allowance by paying USD 29 + 8% VAT on domestic travel.
  • Travelers can save 20% when they book additional allowance in advance. 
  • 120 PLN is charged for extra allowance when having short-distance flights within:
    • The Middle East 
    • Europe

Does LOT Airlines have Cheap Flight Services? 

For low-cost flight services, travelers can choose LOT Airlines. This air operator strives to provide reasonable prices together with good services. Procedure 24H is one such service available. With this, flyers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking and receive complete refunds. In one way, this service ensures cost-related benefits to fliers. 

  • Using the Low Fare Calendar, tickets and services can be reserved at the lowest prices.
  • Flyers can make use of Miles & More to receive discounts.
  • They can reserve extra services like car rentals and hotels at reasonable costs.
  • Affordable booking management services can be availed.

Are LOT Airlines Flights Cheap Yet Safe? 

LOT Airlines is one of the cheapest carriers. Even so, it focuses on important factors like safety. It puts the safety of all flyers on utmost priority. In order to keep them secure throughout travel, it carries out periodic maintenance of its aircraft. Therefore, one can expect risk-free travel while purchasing LOT Airlines cheap tickets. 

  • Further, this airline complies with the safety standards set by aviation authorities. 
  • It maintains services on board.
  • The carrier provides essential facilities/equipment for the safety of fliers such as:
    • Life jackets
    • Medical equipment

How to Book LOT Polish Airlines Cheap Tickets? 

There are several methods available for travelers to reserve cheap flights with LOT Airlines such as at the airport. This method is useful to find low-fare flights during the off-season of the year. A traveler can simply approach this carrier’s counter at an airport and request a reservation.

When using the website to reserve cheap flights with LOT Polish Airlines, a series of steps should be followed. 

  • Open the official website of LOT Polish Airlines.
  • On the homepage, click on “Flight”.
  • Choose “Multi-City”, “One-way Flight”, or “Round-trip Flight”.
  • Add the following information:
    • “From” 
    • “To”
    • “Departure”
    • “Return”
  • Under “Choose Cabin Class”, make an ideal selection”.
  • Add the number of passengers.
  • Press “Search”.
reserve cheap flights with LOT Airlines

In Summation,

LOT Polish Airlines provides affordable tickets to its passengers. Discounts, coupons, and promotions are available as well. These discounts are enabled based on the kind of trip, age group, and other aspects. While high-end facilities are not provided for free of charge, basic facilities are still available for cheap. 

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