Does Volaris have Wi-Fi on Domestic and International Flights?

Volaris Airlines is well-known for being one of the budget carriers. Due to this, it does not offer any Wi-Fi facility domestically/internationally. Determining whether or not Volaris Airlines has Wi-Fi on its airplane is, therefore, crucial for individuals who need connectivity when flying on long or short-haul flights. Although this carrier might not have internet access as of now, it does provide other facilities on board. However, services that ensure connectivity to the outside world or even with those on the plane are currently limited.

Does Volaris Airlines have Wi-Fi on All Planes?

Currently, Volaris Wi-Fi on planes is unavailable. Given this limitation, flyers lack a way to communicate, broadcast, or browse during air travel. For those who require tending to crucial purposes that require using the internet, certain challenges can, therefore, arise. 

Does Volaris have Free Wi-Fi?

Volaris is one of the low-cost air operators. Even so, Wi-Fi service is unavailable for free. In relation to the same, it is presently an obstacle for this air carrier to provide cost-free facilities at a cheap cost. Despite this, Volaris Airlines is among the succeeding carriers.

Why does Volaris Airlines have No In-Flight Wi-Fi? 

Owing to certain reasons, Volaris in-flight Wi-Fi is not provided to its passengers while traveling. One such reason is that this airline is known to be low-cost. Considering the expense of trips, it can be difficult to provide Wi-Fi facilities. 

Why doesn’t Volaris Offer Wi-Fi on International Flights?

In order to maintain cheap flight ticket rates, Volaris Airlines may not provide Wi-Fi services on international/overseas flights. Along with this, certain facilities can be insufficient because the airline is dedicated to providing essential amenities at reasonable prices. 

Below are the other reasons why Volaris Airlines may not offer Wi-Fi on international flights: 

  • The airline can’t provide Wi-Fi on international flights due to connection-related challenges. 
  • Sometimes, no high demands may arise for Wi-Fi facilities. 

Will Volaris Airlines Provide Wi-Fi in the Future?

In the future, Volaris Airlines may begin offering Wi-Fi services on its flights. It can facilitate flyers’ ability to stay in touch with others while flying. However, currently, there may not be any assurance that the facility will be available. Nevertheless, one can check the carrier’s website to be on the lookout for any announcements regarding the same.


Currently, with Volaris Airlines, passengers cannot receive in-flight Wi-Fi services whether paid or for free. However, it may begin these services in the future. As a low-cost air carrier, presently, it offers minimal amenities that ensure flying to a vast network.



Living in New York City, Sophia David is a photographer and travel writer. Her work unfolds her profound interest, particularly in the aviation sector. Traveling via various airports, she shares her experiences through varied forms of writing. Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Tokyo, London, and Spain are among the locations she has widely traveled and written about.

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