What is the Closest Airport to Huntington Beach, California and How to Reach it?

Closest Airport to Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a seaside city located in Orange County, Southern California. To reach this city, various domestic and international airports can be preferred. One such closest airport to Huntington Beach, CA is John Wayne International Airport. For domestic passengers, Long Beach Airport and Emerald Bay Airport are close to this city. All these airports are within 100 miles from Huntington Beach. Several forms of transportation can be used to swiftly travel to this city. Due to the minimum distance to cover and easy transportation facilities from these airports, visitors from several places can come to this stunning location to explore various activities.

What is the Closest Airport to Huntington Beach?

SNA is the closest airport to Huntington Beach, CA. Also called John Wayne Airport, it is situated in Orange County’s unincorporated region in California. From this airport, the city is around 10.9 miles/17.5 km away. By driving, the distance to both locations can be covered in about 20 minutes. Depending on the kind of transportation and other factors, the time can differ. 

Which Domestic Airports are Near Huntington Beach CA? 

Huntington Beach is close to 2 domestic airports. The locations of these airports are in Los Angeles County and Hawthorne. Within 64.3 km or 40 miles, the travel distance can be covered to reach the city from these airports. 

These domestic airports near Huntington Beach are as follows: 

  1. Long Beach Airport 

LGB or Long Beach Airport is located in Los Angeles County, California. It is a domestic airport, situated close to Huntington Beach. The distance between these 2 locations is around 27.5 km/17.1 miles. 

From LGB Airport, travelers can drive to this city, Huntington Beach, in less than half an hour. It offers flights to the same city via Southwest Airlines from a number of destinations, including Salt Lake City and Honolulu.

  1. Hawthorne Municipal Airport 

Offering easy connectivity, Hawthorne Municipal Airport or HHR is among the domestic airports closest to Huntington Beach. It is situated in Hawthorne, California. The distance between this city and Hawthorne Municipal Airport is around 35 miles or 56.3 km. There are different transportation choices available to reach here with ease, ranging from personal to public modes. 

How to Get to the Domestic Airports Close to Huntington Beach? 

Travelers can book taxis to go to Huntington Beach from one of the nearest domestic airports – LGB. The cost of traveling via a taxi is around USD 2.70 per mile. To book the same, travelers can use the official website of Long Beach Airport. 

The following are the other domestic airports and the available transportation modes to the city: 

Domestic AirportsTransportation Services 
LGB/Long Beach AirportRail, Bus, and Shuttle 
Emerald Airport/EMDBus and taxi 

What are the Nearest International Airports to Huntington Beach? 

Huntington Beach is close to a number of international airports, ranging in distance from 10 to 51 miles. Among these is the LAX or Los Angeles International Airport. It is based in Westchester. LAX Airport is approximately 59.3 km or 36.9 miles from this city in California. 

A list of other nearest international airports to Huntington Beach is provided below: 

  1. Ontario International Airport

One of the closest international airports near Huntington Beach is ONT/Ontario International Airport. This airport has been established in San Bernardino County, California. The distance between these locations is about 51 miles or 82 km. 

Being one of the significant airports, ONT provides a wide range of international flight connections to the city in CA from Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica. 

  1. SNA or John Wayne International Airport

John Wayne International Airport is the only commercial airport in Orange County, Southern California. This airport is close to Huntington Beach. The distance between SNA Airport and this city is approximately 17.5 km or 10.9 miles. It helps travelers to visit here on a regular basis.  

How to Get to the Closest International Airport to Huntington Beach? 

The nearest airport to Huntington Beach, ONT offers a range of transit options for travelers. Taxis are one of the transportation modes available. These are accessible at the taxi ranks that are present in front of each terminal at Ontario International Airport.

More travel modes are available to visit this city via other international airports located close by: 

International Airports Transportation Modes 
Los Angeles International Airport/LAXTaxis, rental cars, and LAX city bus
John Wayne International Airport/SNABuses, trains, taxis, and app-based rideshare options

What are the Things to Do Near Airports Close to Huntington Beach, California? 

Via the airports nearby, visitors can come to Lyon Air Museum to explore Huntington Beach. It is an aerospace museum located in Santa Ana, California. It showcases rare vehicles, military motorbikes and trucks, military aircraft, and associated artifacts. Usually, the museum is open from 10:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M., Monday to Sunday.

The following table lists other enjoyable things around the airports nearest to Huntington Beach: 

AirportsThings to Do 
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Venice Beach
Long Beach Airport (LGB)Long Beach Antique Market 
Ontario International Airport (ONT) Ontario Convention Center

To Conclude,

For some travelers, John Wayne International Airport is the most preferable nearest airport to Huntington Beach. To reach this city, other airports including LAX, ONT, and LGB are preferred by others. Depending on the city of origin, travelers can select these airports and quickly reach the intended location.



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