Turkish Airlines Terminal Guide at JFK Airport (John F. Kennedy)

Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal- John F. Kennedy Airport

In New York, Turkish Airlines conducts its flights out of JFK or John F. Kennedy International Airport. For its flight operations, Terminal 1 is utilized by the carrier. Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1 has been designed by the firm, William Nicholas Bodouva + Associates. Its huge structure includes about 11 gates along with several levels. This enables the regular handling of numerous arrivals and departures. Along with managing these operations, T1 features facilities for the convenience of Turkish Airlines fliers.

What are the Turkish Airlines JFK Terminals for Arrivals and Departures?

Turkish Airlines domestic flights depart from Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. This terminal is also used for international flight departures. Prior to leaving, at Level 3, check-in procedures can be executed. For baggage services, passengers can visit Level 1 of Terminal 1. 

For domestic flight arrivals, Turkish Airlines Terminal 1 at JFK Airport is utilized. For international flight arrivals as well, Terminal 1 comes in use. Via Levels 1 and 2, arrivals are observed. At Level 2, particularly, international arrivals take place. 

Basic Details About JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal

Turkish Airlines runs its flight services out of Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Travelers should be aware of a few details such as the airport code and phone number in order to arrive/depart. 

Airport Name: John F. Kennedy International Airport
JFK Airport Address: New York-JFK Airport, Queens, NY 11430, United States
Airport Code: JFK
Turkish Airlines ICAO Code: THY
Turkish Airlines IATA Code: TK
Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal: Terminal 1
Functional Hours (Ticketing): 24 hours
Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal Phone Number: (800)-874-8875
Turkish Airlines Official Website: https://www.turkishairlines.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurkishAirlines/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TurkishAirlines
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turkishairlines/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSK1_qvsEuTNZnvLQvNRLGQ

List of all Turkish Airlines Terminals Worldwide

What is the Turkish Terminal 1 JFK Airport Map?

Flyers can utilize the Turkish Airlines Terminal JFK Airport map, which works as a tool to receive directions to various areas. Finding the route to the arrival and departure points is simple with this tool. Also, one can search for the locations, such as specific restaurants and parking available at T1. 

Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal1 MAP

What are the Amenities Available at Turkish Airlines Terminal JFK Airport? 

JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal 1 features several facilities for its passengers, ranging from pet relief areas to lost baggage. Thus, for both passengers and their companions, services are available. 

  • Duty-Free Allowance: Sometimes, travelers may need complete information about duty-free allowance when having reservations with Turkish Airlines. To acquire the same, they can go to Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Here, information on duty-free items, the allowed weight, and more can be obtained. 
  • Delayed/Canceled Flights: Travelers of Turkish Airlines have the option to request flight cancellations when they cannot board flights on time. For this, requests can be placed over the phone, at the airport, or through the airline’s official website. In case flight delays occur, travelers can request booking management at the Turkish Airlines JFK Departure Terminal.
  • Boarding Inquiries: When traveling with Turkish Airlines, passengers may need information about boarding. This can include boarding procedures, time, gates to use at Terminal 1, and necessary paperwork. To acquire the same prior to the flight departure, it is suggested to visit John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1. 
  • Miles&Smiles: With the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles program, flyers can earn points as they complete more trips. They should visit Terminal 1 of JFK Airport to redeem/use these points. These can be used to purchase plane tickets, additional baggage allowance, select seats, and do more. 
  • Star Alliance: To travel on Star Alliance flights, booking information is available at the JFK Turkish Airlines Departure Terminal 1. The complete procedure, required documentation, eligibility, etc., can be guided about. Also, whether or not flyers can redeem Miles&Smiles program miles to book such flights can be confirmed. 
  • In-Flight Meals/Entertainment: Travelers can reserve meals for in-flight consumption at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1. These can explore a menu of drinks and snacks. Along with meals, in-flight entertainment is available too. With live television, travelers can watch the latest movies. 
  • Valet Parking: At JFK Turkish Airlines Terminal 1, valet parking is currently unavailable. To park vehicles, fliers can connect with the representatives of this airline. Considering the parking option available, fliers may have to pay fees as per the duration of halting a vehicle.
  • Inter-Terminal Transfers: For inter-terminal transfers, AirTrain JFK is available at John F. Kennedy International Airport. It connects T1 to many locations, including parking areas. This service is functional 24/7. There is no fee applicable for fliers to ride this train. 
  • Unaccompanied Minor: Children who are aged 7 to 12 years can fly alone with Turkish Airlines from JFK Airport Terminal 1. Their reservations are subject to the terms of the unaccompanied minor policy of this carrier. 
  • Lost and Found: As of now, the lost and found facility at Turkish Airlines Terminal 1, JFK Airport is unavailable to flyers. The airport’s official website allows them to report their lost items by filling out the “Baggage Disruption Notification and Tracking” form. It helps create a claim for the misplaced item as well as track it.
  • Pet Relief Areas: Passengers can access the pet relief areas when flying with their animals via John F. Kennedy International Airport. One of the areas is located near Curbside, Level 1 of Terminal 1 (Arrivals). 

How to Reserve Turkish Airlines Flights at Terminal 1 JFK Airport? 

Turkish Airlines flights can be reserved at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1. Approach the counter of this carrier. Provide the representative with personal information and itinerary details. After providing the same, make the payment for the ticket and wait for confirmation. 

Additionally, flyers have the option to utilize Turkish Air’s contact number +1-800-874 8875 (US) to make bookings at T1, JFK Airport. Over the telephone, the agents can quickly book flights on behalf of flyers. 

Can I Manage Turkish Airlines Flights at JFK Terminal? 

Flyers can visit Turkish Airlines at JFK Terminal 1 to manage their bookings. Depending on their needs or situations, they can modify/cancel flights. They must confirm the rules and regulations established by this airline before proceeding with the flight management procedures. 

  • Cancel Flights and Request Refunds: Travelers can cancel their flights by coming to the JFK Airport Turkish Airlines Terminal 1. Here, at the airline’s counter, provide the required details, including ticket number and full name. Further, when asked, pay the service charges. Besides coming to JFK Airport Terminal 1, flyers can call (800)-874-8875 to cancel flights or make inquiries. Depending on how the tickets have been cancelled, refunds can be requested with Turkish Air.
  • Modify Reservations: At Terminal 1 of JFK Airport, travelers can change the flight date, class, location, and other information. Prior to this procedure, they should keep certain information handy. The first/last name and confirmation number are essentially asked for. Accompanied by this, the carrier’s representatives can initiate the flight changes and ask for fees, when necessary. 

How to Check Flight Status at Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal?

Fliers can check the flight status with Turkish Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1. Usually, at Level 3 of T1, counters are available to check this information. Here, the air carrier’s officials can assist in finding the status of the flight whether it is late, canceled, or on time. 

What are the Check-in Options with Turkish Airlines at JFK Terminal? 

Passengers of Turkish Airlines can check in for their flights at Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. At Level 3 of Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1, the check-in desks are located. Providing a ticket number, government ID, and other necessary details are crucial to go ahead with the process. 

Alternatively, passengers can check in online through the official website of Turkish Airlines. After checking in, they can print their boarding passes online through the website or offline at T1 of JFK Airport. 

What is the Turkish Baggage Allowance at JFK Terminal 1? 

Checked/carry-on bags are permitted to carry when flying from the Turkish Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport, subject to some restrictions. Generally, for Economy Class, the maximum limit for checked luggage is 158 cm in size and 23 kg. For Business Class passengers, the weight is extended to 32 kg. 

  • Also, with Economy Class, 1 carry-on bag is allowed. 
  • The maximum size and weight for the same is 23 * 40 * 55 cm and 8 kg, respectively. 
  • Passengers traveling in Business Class are permitted to bring 2 carry-on bags. 
  • Each traveler can bring 1 personal item as a bag. 
  • The size restrictions for personal bags are 40 cm * 30 cm * 15 cm. 
  • A maximum of 4 kg weight is allowed for personal items. 
  • All sizes and weights are subject to change, based on these factors:
    • Ticket type
    • Traveling location

Note: To know the exact limit for bags, use the Baggage Calculator available on the airline’s website. 

What are the Special Services Available at JFK Airport Turkish Airlines Terminal?

Turkish Airlines provides certain special services based on the requirements of travelers. Wheelchairs are one of the facilities available with this air carrier. It is important to book this facility 48 hours prior to the flight departure. For booking wheelchair services, connect with the carrier at Level 1 of Terminal 1, John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

More special facilities can be received when flying from Turkish Airlines Terminal 1 at JFK Airport: 

  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Medical equipment
  • Respirators
  • Medicine
  • Priority boarding services 

Does Turkish Airlines Provide Wi-Fi on Board? 

Turkish Airlines provides in-flight Wi-Fi facilities on certain airplanes. Mostly, on international flights, this service is observed. Travelers can use the Wi-Fi facilities to continue their work and stay connected to the world while in the air. 

Wi-Fi is free for both Miles&Smiles program members and Business Class travelers. 

  • For others, the charges apply as per:
    • The length of a flight
    • Class type
    • Aircraft type 

The below-given table provides information on Wi-Fi facilities based on the kind of fare: 

Class or Category Free Quota 
Business Class Flyers 1 GB 
Elite Plus or Miles&Smiles Members Endless messaging and 400 MB 
Miles&Smiles Classic Members Free messaging 
Members of Miles&Smiles Classic Plus Unlimited messaging and 250 MB
Business Class flyers traveling with Elite Plus Membership or Miles&Smiles Internet access without limits 

When flyers have used their provided quota, they can purchase it additionally in the flight by paying certain charges. The charges are provided below: 

Fare Type Charges (in USD)
Endless messaging 5
Unrestricted internet access for short-distance 15
100 MB8
250 MB15
Unlimited internet for long-distance flights 35

What are the Turkish Airlines Lounges at JFK Airport Terminal? 

Currently, Turkish Airlines does not operate lounge services at Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Nevertheless, travelers of this airline can make use of other facilities at the airport for similar experiences. For dining, shopping, and rest, different levels of Turkish Airlines Terminal 1 at JFK Airport feature several facilities. 

Does Turkish Airlines Allow Pet Travel via JFK Airport Terminal 1? 

Flyers can travel with their animals out of Turkish Terminal 1 at JFK Airport, following its pet policy. The pets allowed by the airline on board are dogs, cats, and songbirds (canaries and parakeets). A pet that flies in the cabin is limited to a total weight of 8 kg, including the carrier. 

For traveling via Terminal 1 at JFK, more terms included in the Turkish Airlines pet policy are provided below: 

  • The maximum size of the carrier should be 23 cm (H), 30 cm (W), and 40 cm (L). 
  • In the cargo compartment of an airplane, pets can be placed. 
  • For pets in cargo, the carriage size must be 75 cm in height, 75 cm in width, and 125 cm in length. 
  • Further, the maximum weight for both carrier and pet is 50 kg for cargo transportation. 

What are the Parking Options Available at JFK Terminal for Turkish Airlines Fliers?

As of now, the parking facilities are closed at Kennedy Airport Terminal 1. Fliers having reservations with Turkish Airlines can park their vehicles at Level 3 of Terminal 8. Here, the parking area is also known as the Red Garage lot. Fliers can park vehicles for as long as 30 minutes or a day. 

Below are the parking fees levied at Terminal 8 of JFK Airport: 

Duration of Parking at T8Cost Charged (in USD) 
½ hour 4
Each extra 30 minutes, or any fraction of that duration 4
Every extra half hour, or fraction of a period(Longer than 3 hours) 8
24 hours 7036 (For pre-booking)

To Sum up, 

The seamless departures and arrivals of Turkish Airlines are managed at Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). These are successfully managed for international as well as domestic travel. This airport terminal has several gates, well-maintained amenities, and maps to make traveling easier for flyers. 

FAQs – Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines at JFK Airport?

In New York City, Terminal 1 at JFK Airport is used by Turkish Airlines.

What is the Turkish Airlines JFK Departure Terminal?

For departing flights of this airline, JFK Airport Terminal 1 is used.

Who designed Turkish Air JFK Terminal 1?

William Nicholas Bodouva + Associates designed Terminal 1 at JFK Airport.

Does Turkish Airlines have an office for lost and found at JFK Airport?

Yes, the Lost and Found Office of the Ground Services is featured at JFK Airport.

What are the international locations served via Turkish Airlines JFK Terminal 1?

Geneva, San Salvador, and Taipei are some international locations served out of Terminal 1.

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